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Although there are numerous factors involved in the success of e-commerce in Latin America, logistics is perhaps one of the most important. At Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) we are continuing our series on logistical challenges in Latin America, which covers BrazilGuatemala, Colombia, Chile, and now Mexico.

Mexico is a robust e-commerce market, as the following data show:

  • E-commerce in Mexico contributes 9% to total retail sales, according to AMI
  • E-commerce sales in Mexico recorded a volume of US$56 billion in 2022, according to AMI
  • AMVO estimates that there are at least 63 million Mexican online buyers

In the following infographic report you will find some of the reasons that logistics affects e-commerce in Mexico include:

  • Online consumer motivations in Mexico, most notably free shipping, eco-friendly packaging, and fast delivery times
  • Attitude and buying decision, with Mexican online consumers increasingly preferring international online stores, particularly those with good shipping times
  • Challenges in product satisfaction during sales seasons like Buen Fin, Hot Sale, and Black Friday
  • The last mile, with certain providers that are now disrupting the market, and a challenging outlook in Mexico City

And more.

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Logistics, key to success in the online customer journey in Mexico. +50 data and stats for e-commerce and logistics in Mexico.

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In the logistics sector, AMI’s experience includes e-commerce, national and international shipping, 3PL, last-mile logistics, and other topics relevant to the sector.

As we mentioned in our infographic, you can contact us to explore details about how our market intelligence services on the logistics sector could help you with your strategic decisions. AMI consultants are renowned opinion leaders helping their clients (logistics service providers, governments, etc.) to develop and implement innovative, successful strategies.

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