Here we feature updates about Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) initiatives, company news and recent media coverage of our firm and its practice leaders.

An Expert Perspective on Latin America

As the leading Latin American market intelligence firm, AMI is frequently consulted by media outlets looking for an expert perspective on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Political Analysis for Latin America: This can be for the whole region or for specific countries ranging from Argentina to Uruguay, including: elections, important legislation, constitutional reforms, corruption, foreign relations, and shifting voter attitudes.
  • Economic Issues in Latin America: Short and longer-term economic analysis including:  regional and national business cycles, externalities like Chinese commodity demand, U.S. Fed policies, U.S. protectionism, FDI trends, demographics, disruption. Analysis that generates forecasts on growth opportunities and pending investor risks.
  • Business in Latin America: Market entry strategies and viability, the effects of corruption, the impact of regulations, logistical barriers, current and future growth markets and more
  • Payments in Latin America: E-commerce in all of LatAm or in specific countries, digital wallets, fintech, credit/debit card penetration and use in Latin America, integrating unbanked Latin Americans into the economy, mobile commerce, remittances and more
  • Healthcare in Latin America: Data on Latin American hospitals, medical devices, medical equipment, technology adoption such as electronic medical records (EMR), medical infrastructure and general health issues affecting Latin Americans
  • Logistics in Latin America: 3PL, 4PL, rail, air cargo, customs issues, billing, last mile delivery, inventory management and more
  • Natural Resources and Infrastructure: Risk-focused analysis impacting mining, energy and infrastructure projects including: reputation risk, local community risk, political interference risk, economic risk, security risk and more
  • Consumer and Retail: Latin American consumer behavior, changing retail channels, black and gray markets in Latin America, emerging local brands, key demographic shifts that will impact consumer spending and more
  • Industrial and Automotive: Specific trends within these sectors in LatAm, production issues, consumer auto finance, purchasing trends and more

Available Speakers

In addition, members of the AMI team are available as expert speakers on Latin America for industry events, conferences and trade shows. Contact us for media requests and speakership opportunities.