Our ground-breaking work creates a detailed new portrait of the Latin American healthcare sector.

Bringing Clarity to Latin America’s Opaque Healthcare Industry

How many ultrasound machines do Mexican hospitals have? How many cardiovascular procedures are performed in Brazil every year? What’s the penetration rate of electronic medical records in Latin America? For a long time, the answers to these questions have been anybody’s guess. And in fact, that’s how medical device and equipment manufacturers gauged the market and made plans—by guessing. They had no choice. Very little public data was out there and what existed was either outdated or inaccurate.

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) and its partner company Global Health Intelligence (GHI) changed that by investing two years of primary research to produce HospiScope—the world’s largest database of Latin American hospitals—which now contains a deep range of data on a total of 18,000+ facilities in 14 countries. Now with the data and consulting support of our healthcare practice leaders, the global healthcare industry can plan, measure and execute its marketing and sales plans in Latin America with confidence.

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Promoting Growth for LatAm’s Healthcare Industry

Our work in providing detailed healthcare market intelligence for Latin America has come at just the right time. Chronic illnesses requiring medical devices are on the rise in the region, along with a booming medical tourism industry that’s growing at nearly 19% per year. A dramatic demographic shift in Latin America will rapidly increase the elderly population by 130 million by 2055. In our mega-trend reporting, AMI/GHI predict that LatAm healthcare demand will grow at close to 10% per annum for the next 30 years.

More Than 400 Studies of Latin America’s Healthcare Market

Given these trends, insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, hospital administrators and other healthcare professionals working in Latin America have a crucial need for hard data in a range of segments. AMI Consultants have conducted more than 400 studies of Latin America’s healthcare market since 1993 in the following areas:

  • Market share for devices and products
  • Market sizing for devices and products
  • Imports of medical equipment/devices
  • Clinical trials
  • Ingredients and coatings
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmacy retailing
  • Rare diseases
  • Medical opinion
  • Medical devices & equipment
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical services
  • Patents
  • Consumables
  • Compensation
  • Export sales

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