2023 Forecast for Latin America
Analysis and projections to highlight opportunities, identify risks, and understand 5 trends that will shape the region in the 2020s
Cryptocurrency in Latin America
A detailed whitepaper highlighting adoption levels by consumers, growth trends for the future, the use of crypto for money transfers and more
Quantifying Mining Risk in Latin America
A new report from AMI offers risk scores for 16 key mining jurisdictions in the region, from Argentina to Venezuela
The Road to Net Zero in Latin America
A report highlighting investment opportunities in LatAm’s energy sector in the 6 top markets
Cómo compran los mexicanos por internet
Una infografía detallando sus tendencias y preferencias en cuanto al comercio electrónico
Como os brasileiros fazem compras on-line
Um infográfico detalhando os produtos que eles mais compram via comércio eletrônico, seus métodos de pagamento preferidos, projeções de crescimento e muito mais

Market Insights
that Unlock Opportunities in Latin America

In a market as quickly evolving, vast and complex as Latin America’s, successful companies listen to what the market (their customers, competitors and business environments) tells them.

As the leading market intelligence, competitive intelligence and research firm in Latin America, Americas Market Intelligence delivers crucial data and insightful analysis to clients through its services solutions:

Growth Solutions
Growth Solutions
Growth Solutions
Our aim is to help clients identify, understand and exploit growth opportunities.
Risk Solutions
Risk Solutions
Risk Solutions
Investors embrace risk but risks can be mitigated with timely intelligence and sound advice, the very hallmarks of our risk services.
Performance Solutions
Performance Solutions
Performance Solutions
Companies need to know how well they are doing vis-à-vis the market. Our research helps clients gauge their market share, incorporate best practices, improve customer satisfaction and in doing so, improve their profitability.

Practice Areas

Over the past 25 years, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) consultants have led more than 3,000 client engagements across multiple sectors, developing in-depth industry expertise in the following areas:

Recent Thought Leadership from AMI

Market Data and Analysis for Latin America

AMI practice leaders regularly share their Latin American market insights on our blog, AMI Perspectiva.

Our Clients

Americas Market Intelligence consultants have helped many major brands targeting Latin America to increase their market share, handle challenges from rivals via competitive intelligence, find new opportunities in the region, mitigate risk and more.