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Following the success of our article on the online customer journey in Brazil and its impact on logistics, the team at Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has decided to put together this infographic, aggregating key data from the logistics ecosystem in Brazil, as well as its challenges and opportunities in light of consumer trends and attitudes.

Scroll down to read our infographic, which offers:

Hard data on e-commerce:

  • Current state of the e-commerce market in Brazil, where volume reached US$211 billion in 2022, according to AMI
  • Increase in Shopee traffic in 2022 and market share of this and other international e-commerce sites
  • State of growth of cross-border e-commerce in Brazil:
    • Projected growth of cross-border commerce in Brazil 2021–2025
    • Percentage of Brazilian consumers who shop on international websites
    • Demographic profile of the cross-border online consumer in Brazil
  • Top payment methods in Brazilian e-commerce and online shopping devices
  • Pix in the B2C context of Brazil’s e-commerce

Logistics of e-commerce in Brazil:

  • Consumer data on free shipping preferences in e-commerce
  • Logistics strategies in Brazil applied by current e-commerce leaders
  • Regions in Brazil where most online orders are made, contrasted with the concentration of logistics condominiums in the country
  • Leaders of fulfillment logistics in Brazil
  • Last-mile challenges and concrete actions taken by e-commerce leaders in the past year
  • Reverse logistics in Brazil: percentages of returned items purchased online

And more. You may also read a similar article about logistics challenges in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Guatemala.

Access the infographic below:

(Enlarge infographic)

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