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E-commerce in Latin America continues to experience consistent year-on-year growth. Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) is forecasting 32% growth in e-commerce volume in 2022 to reach a figure of US$382 billion. For Diego Rodríguez, Logistics Practice Leader at AMI, part of this growth is due to “heavy investment in logistics and last-mile services by retailers and logistics players.”

Download our latest report on Last-mile Logistics in Latin America and learn about:

  • The volume of domestic e-commerce in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina
  • The 2020–2022 growth of domestic e-commerce in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Argentina
  • AMI forecasts for e-commerce in 2022
  • The main distribution centers now open or to be opened in the next few years, and the international and local companies aiming at last-mile success
  • Leading marketplaces in the region by number of monthly visits (online traffic)

About Mercado Libre:

  • Mercado Libre’s 2022 growth in sales
  • Penetration of its managed logistics network (Mercado Envíos), by country
  • Percentage of same-day or next-day shipments

In recent years, players with regional importance, such as Falabella, Mercado Libre, and Magazine Luiza, have opened distribution centers throughout the region to stay competitive. Meanwhile, international players like Amazon and AliExpress are coming to the region, expanding cross-border trade.

Logistics, then, becomes a key strategic element.

Diego Rodríguez
Logistics Practice Leader
Americas Market Intelligence (AMI)

Download the report:

Last mile logistics disruption in Latin America


Last Mile Logistics Disruption in Latin America

The growth of e-commerce and its impact on delivery strategies.

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