How Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) applies its LatAm market intelligence, research and competitive intelligence expertise to help companies succeed in Latin America

AMI helps companies succeed in Latin America.

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Below you’ll find dozens of snapshot descriptions of our projects, encompassing market research, competitive intelligence, political risk and economic forecasting in Latin America that helped companies in our practice sectors: Payments, Healthcare, Logistics, Natural Resources & Infrastructure, Consumer goods & Retail, Insurance, Education and Industry.


AMI has conducted 400+ market intelligence and advisory projects in the Latin American payments sector that have focused on digital wallets, fintech, e-commerce, financial inclusion, cards & issuing, merchant acquiring, merchants, cross-border remittances, POS and more.


AMI has handled 200+ market intelligence, lead generation and advisory projects in the Latin American logistics industry that have focused on freight forwarding, trucking, air cargo, sea cargo, 3PL, inventory management, warehouse management, distribution, last mile delivery, 4PL design and more.


AMI has conducted 200+ risk analysis, market monitoring, political intelligence and risk advisory services on behalf of mining majors, mining investors and other organizations.

Consumer Goods & Retail

AMI has advised dozens of CPG, retail, and consumer product companies in areas ranging from strategic planning and competitive intelligence to market sizing and product development studies, completing more than 600 projects in the consumer/retail sector. A diverse range of product categories have be analyzed by AMI consultants from beverages and snacks to agrifood, consumer electronics, household goods, and retailing, both brick & mortar and e-commerce.


AMI has handled 400+ competitive intelligence and market research projects in the Latin American healthcare sector that have focused on the medical devices market in Latin American countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Colombia, the home healthcare market in LatAm, medical tourism, the pharmaceutical market, the medical imaging equipment market and more.


AMI has executed dozens of market research, competitive intelligence and strategic market studies on behalf of insurance underwriters, brokers and ancillary providers in different fields of insurance including life, health, property & casualty, auto, and fire.


AMI has handled 600+ market intelligence and analysis projects in the Latin American industrial sector, including: advanced manufacturing, basic chemicals, ceramics, coatings, engineering, fine chemicals, glass, lubricants, metals, packaging, polymers/plastics, pulp & paper, sanitary products, and more.

Specialty Areas

This group of case studies includes specific additional sectors in which Americas Market Intelligence has served its clients including:  consumer services, waste management, e-procurement, export development, engineering services and more.

Energy Case Studies


AMI has conducted more than 100 market research studies for the energy sector in Latin America, including market entry, partnering, competitive intelligence, pre-project ESG due diligence, opportunity benchmarking, social license acceptability, regulatory and other types of studies to help companies in 4 key phases, ranging from the strategy-defining phase to the operational phase.