With more than 600 LatAm consumer and retail market studies completed, we’ll expand your understanding of your customers in ways that can improve both your sales and margins.

Delivering Consumer Insights for Latin America

The end of the commodity supercycle in 2014 robbed Latin America of 20% of its dollar measured GDP. Since then, LatAm households and companies have steadily paid down debt levels, restructured and again began to grow in 2017, adding $500 billion USD back to the economy.

In 2018, Latin America will complete its comeback, adding $600 billion USD to the economy. The 200 million middle class consumers (out of a total of 600 million) are ready to spend again as consumer credit flows once more.

At the beginning of another up-cycle in Latin America, market intelligence enjoys only a short shelf life, obliging consumer brands to continuously upgrade their knowledge of customer preferences and the competitive landscape.

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Experience That Delivers the Edge

However, even companies with experience in LAC are unaware of how challenging consumer research in the region can be. Quite often, the standard tactics of focus groups, phone surveys and online panels that deliver a wealth of information in other markets don’t work as well in Latin America. Or what works well in one country may not work well in another.

That’s where Americas Market Intelligence’s 25+ years of experience in the region comes into play. We know what works to get you the insights you need for the market you need. Instead of a rough sketch, you’ll have a detailed portrait of your customers so you can tailor your marketing, pricing and product development accordingly. Our work in consumer insights and research for the region includes dozens of categories within the following segments:

  • Foods and beverages
  • FMCG (non-food)
  • Household goods
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Retail

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