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LatAm Market Share Research

The ultimate yardstick of business performance is market share. But in many instances, market share in Latin America can prove frustrating to measure. Few industry associations engender sufficient trust for industry players to divulge their sales. Import statistics are notoriously inaccurate because merchandise is mislabeled to evade tariffs or the harmonization code is too broad.

Also rare is the intervention of neutral third parties willing to spend the necessary resources to measure market share. That means that companies are left to their own devices, but internal efforts can be tainted by conflicts of interest because so many P&L managers rely on healthy market share numbers to earn their bonus.

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) applies a combination of the market research and market intelligence to measure share properly. Moreover, when a company is concerned about underperformance, we can dig down to find the root cause of their slipping market share.

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