Podcasts, reading lists & private roundtables for Latin America’s business decision makers

Horizontes Leadership Forum

Welcome to Horizontes, a leadership forum launched by AMI, Latin America’s leading market intelligence firm. Over the last 30 years, AMI has served some of the largest investors and operating companies in Latin America. One thing we have learned is that those of us charged with overseeing multiple markets in Latin America often struggle to find sources of information and advice from regional peers. Horizontes aims to remedy that challenge by inviting some of the region’s most impactful leaders to address you all and share with you their wisdom and experience.

Three Ways to Engage with Horizontes

  • Podcasts: We invite you to listen to our Horizontes podcast series in which we interview some of Latin America’s most informative and inspiring leaders.
  • Suggested reading list: Sign up here to receive our suggested reading lists that we circulate via email.
  • Horizontes CEO Club: Based in Miami but also including members who dial into our hybrid meetings, Horizontes manages a paid membership roundtable of Latin America-focused business leaders. To qualify, members must be the highest-ranking Latin America region executive in their large company and not directly compete with any existing member companies. To enquire, please write to us at horizontes@americasmi.com

Horizontes CEO Club

  • 5 x private meetings per year
  • 10-20 executives present, each the top-ranking executive of the Latin American division of a multinational
  • None of the member companies directly compete with one another
  • Each meeting comprises two components:
    • Component I: A private briefing delivered by a leading subject matter expert or renowned LatAm leader.
    • Component II: A confidential discussion where members can ask their member peers difficult but vital questions they need answering.
  • Historic member companies include: Amazon, American Tower, Banco Itaú, Boston Scientific, Cisco, Clorox, Delta, Diageo, and many more top-tier companies operating in the region.