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Horizontes Leadership Forum

Welcome to Horizontes, a leadership forum launched by AMI, Latin America’s leading market intelligence firm. Over the last 30 years, AMI has served some of the largest investors and operating companies in Latin America. One thing we have learned is that those of us charged with leading business operations across several countries in Latin America often struggle to find good sources of information and advice. Horizontes aims to remedy that challenge by inviting some of the region’s most impactful leaders to address you all and share with you their wisdom and experience.

We invite you* to register (free of charge) for the Horizontes speaker presentations we have organized in the coming weeks and months.

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*Please note that Horizontes reserves the right to deny entry to our Horizontes webinar speakers series to any participant who does not fit the profile of a business decision maker.

Why AMI Launched Horizontes

LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) business leaders face challenges that make decision making uniquely difficult.  Consider just two of these challenges:

1. Our region has over 30 economies, all with distinct make-ups, business cycles and political priorities.  Staying informed about such a diverse and vast region is no easy task.

2. The competitive environment in Latin America includes the strongest global brands, politically shielded national champions, a growing roster of disruptors and the often overlooked grey and black-market players.

The list goes on. Where do we turn to in order to inform ourselves about regional leadership issues, both to grow our business units as well as advance our careers? The options are few and inadequate. Horizontes aims to lessen that burden.

What Horizontes Offers Its Members

10 in-depth interviews/presentations per year — Delivered online, recorded and available to those who register, featuring:

  • Disruptors — business leaders who are disrupting their industry
  • LAC corporate leaders — both multi-national divisional leaders and the leaders of multi-latinas
  • LatAm government leaders — both acting and retired
  • Subject matter experts — knowledgeable of issues critical to LAC leaders
  • Financial investors — veteran PE, VC, I-bank and pension fund investors
  • Personal development experts — professionals who provide advice on retirement, joining boards, leadership methods, etc.

These presentations will run for 60 minutes with plenty of time for participants to pose questions to our invited guests.

Recommended reads — Each month, Horizontes will publish a list of recommended reading (including suggestions from members) that will point our members to the most insightful articles, reports and whitepapers of the month.

AMI thought leadership — Members will have free access to our firm’s latest releases of articles, whitepapers, webinars and reports as well as our library of hundreds of thought leadership publications.

Do You Qualify for Horizontes Membership?

For the time being, membership in Horizontes is free of charge, but is only available to those who qualify. If you have received a direct invitation from Horizontes to a specific event, you have already been selected for membership. If not, and you are interested in joining, membership is limited to those who: 

  • Lead the Latin American division of a multinational company
  • Lead a LatAm regional function position within their company (e.g. LatAm CFO, CMO, CRO, CTO, COO, etc)
  • Lead the international/emerging markets/Americas division of a multinational company with responsibility over Latin America
  • Lead or own a Latin American company that operates in multiple countries
  • Are responsible for the P&L of a LatAm business unit (e.g. LatAm digital products, LatAm business services, etc)
  • Lead the Latin American department of the foreign relations or international-facing department of a government

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