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Competitive Intelligence for Latin America

Few companies have a full grasp of their competition in Latin America. Most choose to ignore grey market goods that enter the market illegally or black-market product, illegally produced. Competitors are normally measured using the same factors, a big mistake when comparing a global brand that competes on product sophistication versus a local competitor whose competitive edge is a combination of market knowledge and local contacts.

Competitive threats may come indirectly from a regulator who is trying to protect a local champion or a disruptive start-up, whose product is adopted much faster than anticipated.

In Latin America, a region where demand tends to be robust, market growth—let alone survival—weighs heavily on an honest and complete assessment of the competition. Since competition is a constantly evolving threat, understanding it requires a continuous monitoring program, from which product, marketing and operational decisions can be quickly and confidently made.

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) designs and executes competitive intelligence programs for some of its clients. Using SCIP (Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals) standards, AMI’s CI programs leverage both external and internal knowledge for firms rarely do enough to harvest their own internal knowledge of the market.

As a result, AMI competitive intelligence clients have both the rich data and sharp analysis that they need to adjust pricing, product portfolios, messaging and channel coverage, as well as the other tactics they can employ to defend market share or fully exploit a competitive weakness.

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