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Colombia faces numerous logistical challenges, placing it among the countries with the highest hurdles in all Latin America. Factors such as inadequate road infrastructure[1] contribute to this situation. It comes as no surprise that, with the significant growth of e-commerce in Colombia, which grew by 45% in 2022,[2] logistics service providers and online stores are constantly striving to find innovative ways to meet customer expectations throughout their shopping journey.

With this in mind, Americas Market Intelligence has created the following infographic, which provides a comprehensive overview of the key logistical data and trends in the Colombian market, focusing on the consumer’s viewpoint. Scroll down to explore our infographic, which highlights essential data points, including:

  • Current state of e-commerce in Colombia
  • E-commerce stores with the highest online traffic in Colombia, and the most prominent online stores by industry
  • Reasons behind the strong presence of local e-commerce in Colombia
  • Adoption of pay-on-delivery in Colombia, along with logistic companies offering this service
  • Social commerce data in Colombia: regions with the highest number of deliveries and best-selling products
  • Consumer satisfaction in last-mile logistics. “Ideal” delivery times in Colombia
  • Trends for optimizing shipments
  • Percentage online purchases returns

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This infographic summarizes our article on Logistics Trends in Colombia and serves as a continuation of our ongoing series on the logistical challenges in the online customer journey. The series covers Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, Chile, and now Colombia.

For a more in-depth analysis of Colombia, its e-commerce landscape, and logistical development, feel free to reach out to AMI. We also provide media interviews to further discuss these topics.

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Infographic about Colombia and its logistics trends in the online customer journey. Americas Market Intelligence.

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[1] La República, 2021. ”El nivel de servicio de la infraestructura, factor para mejorar la logística”. Consultado el 23 de junio de 2023.

[2] PCMI E-Commerce Data Library, 2022

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