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Logistics plays a pivotal role in shaping the online consumer journey in Chile, and its impact cannot be overstated. In a digital era where consumers demand speed, convenience, and reliability, efficient logistics are the linchpin that connects e-commerce businesses to their customer base. This partnership is explored and visualized in a comprehensive infographic by Americas Market Intelligence, shedding light on the intricate web of processes and strategies that define the Chilean online retail landscape

Americas Market Intelligence’s infographic delves into the intricacies of logistics, exploring how factors like transportation, last-mile delivery, and inventory management affect the Chilean online consumer journey. This is a breakdown of what you will find:

  • Key data for Chilean e-commerce: Sales growth, per capita spending, and e-commerce market volume.

  • Motivators driving Chilean online shoppers.

  • E-commerce penetration in Chile’s retail market and top product categories.

  • Best-selling products in the Chilean online market.

  • Delivery options for online commerce in Chile and the surge of new logistics operators since 2019.

  • Complaint rates for online purchases in Chile.

  • Enhancing the online shopping experience and overall satisfaction of Chilean consumers.

  • Major logistical challenges in Chile’s e-commerce industry.

  • Dominant e-commerce players in Chile, their logistics advancements, and initiatives in express shipping.

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This infographic summarizes our article on Logistics Trends in Chile and serves as a continuation of our ongoing series on the logistical challenges in the online customer journey. The series covers MexicoBrazilGuatemala, and Colombia.

For a more in-depth analysis of Colombia, its e-commerce landscape, and logistical development, feel free to reach out to AMI. We also provide media interviews to further discuss these topics.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Logistics and its impact on the Chilean online consumer journey.

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