Deep LAC market experience meshed with consulting leadership gives our clients the confidence they need to make difficult decisions on where to focus their market investments.

Strategic Planning Research for Latin America

Regional divisions like LAC are often asked to develop a 3-5 year strategic plan or feed the necessary market intelligence for head office to create the regional plan. Either way, the LAC division rarely has the internal bandwidth to take on what amounts to a significant research and consulting project. Under-resourced, LAC divisions frequently resort to an intuitive strategic plan—often short on market facts—which opens the door to regional office politics in the fight for resources.

AMI helps companies with their strategic planning on two fronts. First, we help them design and then execute a research project to collect the necessary market intelligence is needed to substantiate a strategic plan.

Second, our practice leaders also bring a respected and objective third party voice to the decision-making process, providing ad-hoc advisory responses to the many questions that a strategic planning exercise can provoke.

Most importantly, a few of our senior consultants are experienced in the exercise of building regional consensus around a series of growth initiatives so that the strategic plan gets buy-in from LatAm country managers, enhancing the plan’s likelihood of success.

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