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Logistics plays a crucial role in the success of online sales in Latin America, and Guatemala is no exception. The following infographic presents the most impactful logistics data regarding e-commerce in Guatemala throughout the consumer’s buying journey. These curated insights, provided by Americas Market Intelligence, encompass:

  • Motivators and demotivators for online shopping in Guatemala from a logistical perspective
  • Frequency of online purchases in Guatemala
  • Preferred products (and logistical reasons for purchase) in local Guatemalan online stores and international stores
  • Volume, market share, and growth of cross-border and local e-commerce in Guatemala
  • Regions in Guatemala with the highest rate of online shopping
  • Penetration of cash on delivery payments in Guatemala
  • Shipping preferences for international purchases made in Guatemala
  • Top local courier companies in Guatemala

And much more.

Stay tuned for our ongoing series on Logistics Challenges in Latin America…

This infographic focusing on Guatemala is a seamless extension of our comprehensive exploration of the logistical hurdles encountered during the online consumer journey. It is part of our series, which also covers Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

For a deeper analysis of Guatemala, its e-commerce landscape, and logistical advancements, feel free to get in touch with AMI. We are also available for media interviews.

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Logistics Challenges Facing the Online Customer Journey in Guatemala. Infographic about logistics aspects to success when consumers buy online.

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