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Electronic commerce in Uruguay has grown steadily at a rate close to 30% YoY in 2021 and in 2022. The highest growth was seen during the pandemic: in 2020 Uruguayan e-commerce expanded by 40%, according to Americas Market Intelligence (AMI).

E-commerce in Uruguay will continue surging in 2023, as AMI experts estimate it will grow by 27% this year to reach a total volume of US$ 3.5 billion, led by retail—a segment with a 63% share of total Uruguayan e-commerce volume.

Although those numbers may not sound as impressive as the biggest LatAm e-commerce markets such as Argentina or Brazil, Uruguay has strong potential. According to AMI analysis:

  • Uruguay is one of the regional markets with the highest spending on e-commerce per capita, equivalent to US$791 a year. In contrast, markets like Mexico record US$436 in e-commerce spent per capita, Argentina US$455 and Colombia US$629.
  • Cross-border e-commerce in Uruguay has a share of 40% of the overall market, much higher than its share in Peru (23%), Mexico (20%) and even Brazil (6%).

In the infographic below, payments experts at AMI compiled the most insightful data about the performance and potential of online commerce in Uruguay: demographic data, best-selling products, and some projections. This infographic adds to our data-rich pieces about e-commerce in Colombia, Peru, Brazil, México, Argentina, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Chile.

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2023 Data on e-commerce payments in Uruguay. How Uruguayans buy online.

Moving beyond these data

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