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Peru is one of the Latin American countries with the highest development in e-commerce, along with Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. Analysis from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) indicates that in 2021, the e-commerce market in Peru posted slightly more than US$13 billion in sales, a 91% increase over 2020.

Other data that e-commerce and financial services professionals should consider:

  • The annual average e-commerce per capita spend in Peru is US$594; in fact, e-commerce now accounts for 13% of Peruvians’ annual private consumption (AMI, 2022). E-commerce’s share of private consumption in Peru is higher than it is in Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, according to our most recent AMI’s LatAm E-commerce BluePrint.
  • According to AMI, online retail now represents 18% of Peru’s total retail market. This is higher than online retail’s share in Mexico (11%) and Brazil (17%).
  • According to AMI, Peruvian cross-border e-commerce share is 23%, which suggests that the country has a sophisticated user base with easy access to the international market. In contrast, cross-border’s e-commerce share is only 3% in Argentina and 17% in Colombia.
  • Surprisingly, banking penetration in Peru is 53%, much lower than a regional average of about 70%.

To better understand the e-commerce market in Peru, our payments team has put together the following infographic summary. It focuses on the most commonly used payment methods when buying products and services online in Peru. For more detailed information, you can also check our article: Peru E-commerce Market Data or order a report from our E-Commerce Data Library.

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Infographic: 2022 Data on E-commerce Payments in Peru. How Peruvians buy online.

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Moving Beyond the Data

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