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Guatemala has had an impressive growth of 89% in its e-commerce volume this year, according to Americas Market Intelligence (AMI). In fact, Guatemala’s e-commerce volume is forecast to reach US$8.5 billion by the end of 2022. Some of this volume could well be driven by frequency, considering that the Guatemala Chamber of Commerce (CCG) indicates that 6 out of 10 online buyers in Guatemala make purchases at least once a month.

Total accessible market for banking services in Guatemala is 8 million of adults, according to AMI[2].

On the other side, the AMI payments team has detected an exceptionally large, underserved banking population in Guatemala of 7.2 million people (among 11 million adults)[1]. Our numbers indicate that even though 7.6 million people in Guatemala are smartphone owners, only 1.4 million have a digital wallet; also, while 4.8 million Guatemalans have a bank account, only 8,800 have a credit card.

That said, Guatemala has plenty of room for improving—and enormous potential—in the context of its e-commerce. In comparison to other LatAm economies, AMI data indicates that consumer spending on online purchases per year per capita in Guatemala (US$450) is quite similar to the amount for Colombia (US$455) and higher than the per capita annual e-commerce expenditure in Argentina (US$437), which is one of the biggest e-commerce markets in the region.

To better understand the e-commerce market in Guatemala, such as best-selling products, preferred payment methods, the state of crypto-e-commerce, and some other economic dynamics, AMI has put together the following infographic summary. For more detailed information, you can order a report from our E-Commerce Data Library.

Moving beyond these data

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