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The Crypto and Alternative Finance Team at Americas Market Intelligence monitors, on a daily basis, the latest developments in one of the most disruptive industries in recent years. That industry concerns blockchain technology, with cryptocurrencies as its most prominent product.

In the first half of 2022, the AMI team showed the level of adoption of cryptocurrencies in LatAm and the use of blockchain in the payment ecosystem, competing even with the adoption of credit cards. The analyses and trends of the crypto market for the region were presented clearly and exhaustively in our technical report The Cryptocurrency Revolution in Latin American Payments, which is free to download from our website.

More recently, in October 2022, the AMI team posted the results of a new cryptocurrency survey, this time focusing on the crypto consumer and the meta-economy. This cryptocurrency survey looked at consumers in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Brazil, with data showing regularity of purchase, preferred crypto products, use of crypto in the metaverse, use of cryptocurrencies associated with debit cards, purchases on exchange sites vs. P2P, etc.

Our most salient findings on the use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America are summarized in the infographic below.

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Moving Beyond the Data

Contact us if you are interested in our consulting and market-intelligence services in Latin America. Specifically in the field of crypto, Americas Market Intelligence conducts corporate trainings, specialist consulting sessions, and tailored workshops. Our goal is to enable leading companies with a presence in Latin America achieve their maximum competitive potential.

In addition, the AMI team conducts personalized market studies and strategies, which offer data-based clarity and granular strategic management using expert sources. Our experience includes e-commerce, open banking, alternative finance, and more.

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