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The Cryptocurrency Revolution in Latin America Payments

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In July 2022, the Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) payments team published the results of a survey of 520 smartphone owners aged 18 and over in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru. The survey looked at their interests and buying attitudes with respect to cryptocurrencies. At the country level, the survey has a 90% confidence level.

The survey was conducted in April 2022, providing insight into how the crypto market in Latin America looked before the Terra-Luna crisis. In Argentina’s case, we are talking about the regional leader in crypto uptake due partly to consumers looking to escape from the depreciating peso, as Ignacio E. Carballo, head of Crypto and Alternative Finance at AMI, puts it. According to our survey, 51% of Argentine consumers have already purchased crypto. In fact, 27% buy cryptocurrencies regularly. These data represent a significant jump from the 12% adoption rate AMI recorded in a survey done at the end of 2021.

For more details on Argentina’s crypto landscape, check out the following Americas Market Intelligence infographic. For an analysis of the crypto market in Latin America as a whole, we invite you to view this other infographic.

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Moving Beyond the Data

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