The Cryptocurrency Revolution in Latin American Payments

Why cryptocurrency is growing rapidly in the region, how crypto adopters are using it and how the payments ecosystem should prepare itself

As the leader in LatAm market research/intelligence for the payments sector, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has been tracking the growth of cryptocurrency in the region.

The Crytocurrency Revolution in LatAm Payments

In The Cryptocurrency Revolution in Latin American Payments, AMI’s payments team covers key adoption drivers and other strategic data for the cryptocurrency market in Latin America, such as:

  • 3 upcoming trends in cryptocurrency in Latin America that we can expect to see in 2022
  • The results from a recent study by AMI showing how many Latin Americans have already purchased cryptocurrency and which are interested
  • How crypto ownership in certain Latin American markets compares favorably with credit card ownership
  • A portrait of the next wave of cryptocurrency consumers in Latin America and how even unbanked individuals can end up owning crypto rather than a traditional bank account
  • Why LAC crypto consumers are more inclined toward stablecoins
  • The aspect of Bitcoin and Ethereum that attracts 8 out of 10 prospective cryptocurrency buyers in Latin America
  • New pathways for enabling crypto as a funding source for commercial activity, for both consumers and merchants
  • How money transfer companies are looking to use crypto for cross-border transfers in Latin America
  • How Facebook/Meta’s new Novi application is employing crypto in the U.S.-Guatemala remittance corridor

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