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After exhaustive desk research and in-depth interviews with more than 25 senior logistics experts, AMI’s team—in partnership with Maersk—have created a new whitepaper to help logistics leaders navigate the tricky waters in Latin America.

Entitled Charting the Future Course of Logistics in Latin America, the whitepaper’s focus is how a new polycrisis—combining global macroeconomic forces, geopolitics and climate change—is impacting Latin American logistics.

Beyond the broad overview of GDP projections and changes in shipping routes (as has occurred with the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal), Charting the Future Course of Logistics in Latin America looks at challenges facing logistics players in specific sectors:

  • Fast-moving consumer goods

  • Retail and lifestyle

  • High-tech

  • Reefer industry

In addition, the whitepaper also delves into how Latin America can transition into more sustainable logistics practices.

Charting the Future Course of Logistics in Latin America is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Please click on the covers below to download the version of your choice.

NOTE: Once you arrive on the landing page by clicking any of the links below, in the upper right you will see a language toggle (located just to the left of the share button) that you can switch according to your preference. So if for some reason the landing page is in Spanish when you prefer English or vice versa, just click on the language toggle and select your preferred language. Then you can follow the instructions to download the whitepaper in your preferred language.




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