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On February 23, AMI’s Energy practice held a webinar on clean fuels in Latin America.

Arthur Deakin—Energy practice director for AMI—opened the webinar by making a trenchant observation. For the world to stay on track to reach net zero emissions, by 2030 a couple of key benchmarks have to be met:

  • Hydrogen investments need to triple

  • Production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) needs to grow by 76 times

This spike in demand could mean good news for Latin America. During the webinar, Deakin pointed out a number of factors that will position Latin America as a key source for materials needed to make clean fuels, such as:

  • A massive global deficit in feedstock—needed for clean fuels—is expected
  • Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and other markets all have excellent natural resources to produce feedstock
  • According to AMI estimates, Latin America is projected to produce 2.3 billion liters of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030, which could represent 10% of global SAF annual supply

After covering those initial topics, the webinar’s analysis deepened as it examined:

  • The necessary (and astronomical) SAF growth for the world to reach net-zero emissions as per current targets
  • Why LatAm’s success with green hydrogen will be limited to the production of derivatives
  • The countries with the best prospects for success with green hydrogen production, based on an analysis of 9 different factors
  • Why Latin America will have one of the lowest costs in the world for producing green hydrogen
  • How Latin America could have nearly 15% of the world’s installed electrolysis capacity by 2030 and how the region’s installed electrolysis capacity could reach 33 GW by 2030
  • What the mid-term focus will be in terms of Latin American hydrogen investments

After this detailed initial presentation, the webinar turned into an informative panel discussion with an array of experts that include:

  • Sean Newsum, Managing Director, Environmental Affairs, Airlines for America
  • Marcel van Heesewijk, CEO and Founder, Investancia
  • Jerome Gosset, Founder and CEO, Pyonnier

The panelists offered their takes on some of the analysis presented by Arthur, and also covered some of the key questions surrounding the potential of clean fuels in Latin America.

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