AMI experts conduct webinars about Latin America to offer insights to professionals and also as part of thought leadership initiatives for clients.

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Webinars are a helpful way for AMI practice leaders to synthesize their extensive market research and intelligence for Latin America with the presentation abilities derived from their work as speakers at events focused on Latin America. The webinars below offer LatAm market insights for payments, logistics, healthcare and consumer services, along with regional/market forecasts and analysis of disruption in Latin America, among other topics.

The Hidden Gems in Colombia’s Energy Sector

February 10, 2022

Identifying strong investment opportunities in this growing market
Featuring a roster of expert speakers, this webinar is focused on helping investors understand not only the challenges facing Colombia’s energy sector, but also the crucial opportunities AND strategies to prepare for—and mitigate—these challenges. Among the topics covered::

  • An analysis of the strongest investment opportunities in Colombia’s energy sector—and what makes them so attractive
  • How investors can anticipate and forestall risks from local community protests through strategic research and proper outreach
  • What will be needed to offset the decline in Colombia’s gas reserves?
  • How the presidential election in 2022 will affect the energy sector

And much more.

Guyana & Suriname: Developing a Low Carbon Strategy in Emerging Oil Markets

December 9, 2021

A look at how companies are handling this challenge
Energy industry players are well-aware of the booming oil markets in Guyana and Suriname: 10 billion barrels (and counting) of recoverable oil recently discovered in Guyana, along with another 6.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent estimated in Suriname — while oil prices are at US$80 per gallon and some industry analysts predict a commodities boom in 2022.
However, with the world moving toward net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, oil & gas resources are starting to lose favor in investors’ eyes. Using the analysis of AMI’s team of market intelligence experts, in addition to esteemed panelists from both government and private industry, this webinar explored:

  • General keys to reducing carbon footprints in Suriname and Guyana
  • How oil and gas players in these countries will lower their carbon footprints
  • Challenges involved in exploring and producing in the Suriname basin
  • How energy companies can best navigate local politics and regulation
  • What will happen with the local content law being discussed in Guyana and Suriname

And much more.

2022 Latin America Forecast

October 22, 2021

A look at what’s ahead
In this October 21, 2021 webinar from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), a panel of the company’s leadership team offered their outlook for Latin America in 2022. Panelists included: John Price, AMI Managing Director Lindsay Lehr, AMI payments practice leader Guillaume Corpart, AMI healthcare practice leader Arthur Deakin, AMI energy practice co-director Alejandro Álvarez, AMI senior director, mining practice After examining larger economic trends that will influence Latin America’s economy in 2022, the Forecast focused on which LatAm countries are best-positioned to recover the fastest from the COVID-19-induced economic crisis, as well as the industries in Latin America that should recover strongly in 2022. The webinar also focused on larger trends and their implications, such as the explosion of digital commerce, the return of the commodities supercycle and the rebooting of LatAm’s healthcare system.

The Cryptocurrency Boom in Latin America

October 6, 2021

Understanding its impact on payments in the region
Latin America has emerged as an innovation frontier for digital money, hosting the world’s first “bitcoinized” economy in El Salvador and the first Central Bank Digital Currency in the Bahamas. Whether these are one-off cases or the beginning of a blockchain transformation in payments, LatAm’s digital currency experiments will yield powerful lessons for the global financial system.
To make sense of this growing ecosystem, Americas Market Intelligence – the industry leader in LatAm payments research – recently held a webinar on the topic.
Lead speakers for AMI included Lindsay Lehr, AMI Payments Practice Leader, and Tim Jacklich, a Senior Analyst who leads AMI’s research into cryptocurrency.
The guest speaker was Abraham Cobos, Crypto strategy Manager for Bitso, which is Latin America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and its first crypto unicorn.
The webinar, held on October 5, 2021, focused on pressing questions in the crypto space, such as:

  • Which cryptocurrency classes are gaining the most traction among LatAm consumers? (e.g., bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins)
  • Who is buying cryptocurrency in Latin America, and for what use case?
  • How competitive are cryptocurrencies in the cross-border remittances space, and how can crypto products be optimized for this space?
  • What lessons does El Salvador’s “bitcoinization” offer about the future of cryptocurrency?
  • How are Latin American regulators approaching digital currencies?
  • What are the most promising pathways for enabling crypto expenditures at the point of sale (e.g., crypto-linked debit cards, QR codes, others)?
  • How will crypto P2P applications compete with local real time options like Pix?

In addition, Mr. Cobos and AMI’s team fielded a wide range of audience questions and shared results from a September 2021 study that polled Latin Americans on their interest in cryptocurrency.

Brazilian E-Commerce and Payouts

September 30, 2021

Key insights into crossborder, Pix and other developments in the Brazilian payments ecosystem
In this webinar, AMI’s payments team and special guest Karina Farina from BoaCompra, Brazil’s top cross-border payments platform, present crucial e-commerce and payments market data for Brazil, such as:

  • Brazil’s e-commerce market growth in key sectors, such as retail, travel and digital goods/services
  • Projections for Brazil’s e-commerce market, 2021-2024, with market shares of key sectors in each year
  • 2021 e-commerce trends in Brazil for travel, retail and digital goods
  • Most popular payment methods used by Brazilians for e-commerce, both now and in 2024 to project shifts in payment preferences
  • The role of Pix in e-commerce
  • How Brazil’s central bank is acting to regulate and modernize Brazil’s payment system
  • 10 important recommendations for international companies looking to enter the Brazilian e-commerce market
  • Understanding payouts, the different types and why improving cross-border payouts is crucial

And much more.

Tracking LatAm’s COVID Recovery

June 24, 2021

Gauging which countries and sectors will recover first and why
COVID-19 has severely devastated Latin America, first in the hundreds of thousands of lives lost and then with the economic effects of lockdowns and fiscal crunches. This webinar delves into the outlook for the recovery of Latin America. Beginning with an overview of key factors in the recovery, such as herd immunization levels, export growth, foreign direct investment and others, AMI’s speaker panel projects which countries in Latin America are most likely to recover the fastest. Speakers then examine developments in key sectors, such as payments, logistics, energy and healthcare, to highlight both opportunities and challenges. This wide-ranging combination of hard data, analysis and insights could help companies with their future planning during the rest of 2021 and into 2022 and beyond.

6 principales megatendencias na area de pagamentos no Brasil para 2021

May 18, 2021

Examinando as mudanças em larga escala no ecossistema de pagamentos brasileiro
Neste webinar da AMI, os palestrantes (que incluem Marina Gil, Diretora da área de pagamentos no Brasil para a AMI; Lindsay Lehr, Diretora de Prática de Pagamentos para a AMI; e Gilmar Hansen, Vice-presidente de produtos para o Recarga Pay) cobriram 6 mudanças maciças ocorridas no setor de pagamentos, incluindo:

  • Se a democratização dos serviços e o maior acesso aos serviços financeiros reduzirão significativamente a quantidade de consumidores desbancarizados no Brasil
  • Nossa análise sobre o papel que os cartões de débito desempenharão no Brasil
  • Como a tecnologia sem contato deixará de ser vanguarda e se tornará algo comum
  • Por que os pagamentos instantâneos podem ajudar a acabar com a predominância do dinheiro físico no Brasil
  • Fatores que tornarão o modelo de banking as a service o principal caso de uso de open banking
  • Os efeitos da digitalização de PMEs devido aos confinamentos impostos pela pandemia

E muito mais.

Este webinar apresenta uma combinação atraente de insights especializados e um conjunto detalhado de dados que ajudarão os profissionais de pagamentos a navegar nestas mega-tendências e posicionar suas empresas com sucesso.

Latin America Payments: 6 Megatrends for 2021

February 4, 2021

A look at the gigantic shifts underway in the Latin American payments market
In this webinar, AMI’s payment team examined in detail the 6 megatrends they foresee to occur in the region, such as instant payments displacing cash, debit becoming top of wallet, the disappearance of the “unbanked” in Latin America, the rising dominance of contactless payments, mass SME digitization and bank-as-a-service outpacing open banking in Latin America. The rich array of data and analysis will serve as a powerful resource to help banks and financial services companies refine their strategies and approaches in 2021 and beyond.

Thought Leadership in Latin America

January 21, 2021

A guide to developing strategies and optimal execution of thought leadership content
In this workshop, AMI leaders define thought leadership (distinguishing it from advertising and content marketing), then explain why it can be effective strategy for Latin America. They also offer advice on how to develop a strategy for effective thought leadership and explain how to best execute different forms of thought leadership, such as blogs, whitepapers, videos and more. The workshop covers not only writing and design, but also organization, best-performing content formats and also features tips on how to successfully market thought leadership content in Latin America.

Measuring Innovation

December 4, 2020

The results of a new study that identifies the characteristics and approaches of the most innovative companies in the LatAm payments sector
In this webinar from Visa’s LAC Innovation Center and Americas Market Intelligence, Vanesa Meyer—Head of Innovation and Design for Visa’s LAC Innovation Center—and Lindsay Lehr—Director of the Payments Practice at Americas Market Intelligence—discuss the results of a new study focused on how financial services companies in Latin America are driving innovation. This data-packed presentation covers a wide range of aspects of innovation practices, ranging from use of agile methdology and machine learning to use of open APIs, partnerships with startups and use of different payment technologies, such as biometrics, contactless, digital wallets and more.

Principais tendências na indústria de pagamentos no Brasil em 2021

30 de outubro de 2020

Analisando as tendências no setor de pagamentos do Brasil que dominarão 2021
Este webinar gratuito explorou várias tendências chave de pagamento com o intuito de preparar os profissionais brasileiros da indústria para 2021. Os insights ue a equipe da AMI compartilhou neste webinar foram adquiridas ao longo de 20 anos de experiência, somados a mais de 400 estudos de Mercado conduzidos no setor de pagamento. Entre os principais tópicos cobertos por este webinar foram: • A movimentação dos neobancos para uma oferta completa de serviços: como isso irá afetar os bancos tradicionais? • A enorme digitalização dos pagamentos impulsionada pelo coronavoucher irá se tornar permanente? Ou esses novos consumidores digitais irão voltar a usar dinheiro? • Como o Pix irá impactar o uso de boletos, e o que os emissores e adquirentes devem fazer para maximizar as oportunidades que surgem com esse novo sistema P2P? • Quais são as futuras implicações do crescimento da popularidade dos meios de pagamento sem contato no Brasil? Essa adoção dos pagamentos sem contato traz benefícios ou disrupção? • Qual será a nova definição para “fidelização do cliente” no ecossistema de pagamentos brasileiro?

2021 Latin America Forecasting Forum Highlights

September 24, 2020

A detailed look at what lies ahead for LatAm in 2021 and beyond, including the return to normalcy post-COVID, key challenges, 5 important trends and more
This video offers a brief summary of what we covered in our Forecasting Forum, including an analysis of when we expect the COVID crisis to wind down, how marketers need to take further advantage of the e-commerce boom through hyperpersonalization, opportunities for the payment industry to make the conversion from cash stick, where medical equipment manufacturers will see growth in 2021, areas of growth for logistics companies in 2021, possible political challenges due to COVID and fiscal constraints, and much more. However, if you’re interested in obtaining the complete 3.5-hour analysis along with presentation slides, please click here.

Gold at $2,000 per Ounce: Risk vs. Opportunities

September 2, 2020

An analysis of the array of risks that could present themselves if record gold prices are sustained
In this webinar, AMI Managing Director John Price is joined by Terry Heymann, CFO of The World Gold Council, and Augusto Cauti, former Deputy Minister of Mines in Peru. The panel’s discussion centered on the risks that could be spawned by the recent rise in gold prices to $2000 per ounce, including local community risk, illegal mining, political risk, security risk and more. AMI also highlighted the crucial importance of market intelligence and monitoring jurisdictions to identify risks more quickly and efficiently so that miners and investors can avoid, manage or mitigate them more effectively.

Cost Cutting During COVID-19 in Latin America

August 5, 2020

How strategic cost-cutting can re-invent your company, not simply shrink it
The economic havoc wrought by COVID-19 is likely to lead to cost-cutting by companies. This webinar from Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) focuses on strategic cost-cutting strategies that companies operating in Latin America can employ. Rather than focus on conventional approaches such as reducing head count, AMI’s practice leaders share other ways that companies can reduce their costs that will help companies grow, not shrink, and position them strongly after the COVID-19 crisis passes. The approaches involve tactics that can be applied by financial services companies, logistics firms, consumer goods/services companies and more.

The Adoption and Penetration of High-Tech Medical Equipment in Latin America

June 10, 2020

The factors that make a hospital more likely to acquire high-tech equipment, as well as the technology leaders among Latin American hospitals
In this webinar organized by Global Health Intelligence, panelists — including GHI CEO Guillaume Corpart, Matthew Collins of Medtronic and Vanessa Teich of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein — discuss the factors that drive hospitals in Latin America to acquire high-tech medical equipment, ranging from ultrasound machines and C-Arms to linear accelerators, gamma cameras and lithotripter machines. Using data from GHI’s HospiScope database, Corpart shows the crucial characteristics of hospitals that acquire high-tech equipment, including a breakdown of penetration of different equipment types in the region. He also shares a unique predictive model called TechTier, which uses statistical modeling to indicate the types of equipment that Latin American hospitals in different tiers are likely to have. Medtronic Marketing Manager Matthew Collins covered the two keys to successful technology adoption by hospitals and highlighted some of the best practices to produce optimal results in this area. For her part, Vanessa Teich highlighted factors in acquisition, the challenges to doing so and approaches to facilitate. In addition, GHI unveiled a list of the tech leaders among Latin American hospitals: the institutions that possess the most cutting-edge medical equipment based on data tracked in HospiScope. To wrap up, panelists answered a wide range of questions from the audience.

The Political Fallout from COVID-19 in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia

May 21, 2020

The effects of the crisis on political leaders: good, bad and ugly
In this webinar, the company’s Managing Director, John Price, was joined by a panel of experts to discuss the difficult political challenges facing governments in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ensuing lockdown and mapping out a strategy to re-open. The webinar opens with a detailed look at the impact of COVID-19, including cases and deaths. It also covers the challenges with testing and the importance of understanding the data that’s been obtained. Chile is analyzed as a case study in terms of managing the COVID-19 pandemia, along with a look at cost of quarantines in different Latin American countries. The panel then delves deeply into the coronavirus response in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, along with the internal conflicts and what to expect as the crisis continues to unfold.

Will Coronavirus Finally Digitize Payments in Latin America?

April 30, 2020

Overview of the increasing digitization of payments during the crisis and potential for lasting after the crisis has passed
In this webinar presentation from Americas Market Intelligence, panelists that include Lindsay Lehr (Director of the Payments Practice at Americas Market Intelligence), Mónica Mariño (Head of Payments at Rappi) and Marina Gil (Brazil Payments Affiliate for Americas Market Intelligence) look at recent shifts in payments due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Topics include recent e-commerce sales increases in Latin America, the benefits of digitizing e-commerce payments in Latin America, Brazil’s coronavoucher program and more.

Telemedicine in Latin America: Gauging Its Potential During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

April 23, 2020

The penetration of telemedicine in Latin American hospitals and its potential to help with patient care during the crisis and beyond
In this webinar, expert panelists look at the penetration of telemedicine in Latin America, the different applications of it, the typical organization of hubs and spokes, the challenges to expansion in the region, the catalysts that could drive its expansion and much more. Panelists included FIU professor Dr. Cynthia LeRouge, a leading telemedicine expert, and Gustavo Menéndez, Managing Director of Digital Transformation and Telemedicine for Cisco, a leader in implementing telemedicine system in hospitals around Latin America. The lead speaker for GHI was Guillaume Corpart, CEO and founder, and the webinar was moderated by Mariana Romero Roy, Director of Business Development and Intelligence for GHI.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Latin America’s Healthcare System –Crisis Vs. Opportunity

April 9, 2020

Data on equipment levels in Latin American hospitals and analysis from industry professionals
In this webinar, Guillaume Corpart (director of AMI’s healthcare practice) and guest panelists Agustín Zabulanes (Mexico Country Director for Boston Scientific) and Dr. Benjamín Villaseñor (Innovation Director for Grupo Diagnóstico Médico Proa) offer data and analysis about Latin America’s ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges/opportunities presented by the crisis. Corpart breaks down key data about hospital infrastructure in Latin America in relation to coronavirus, including the number of ventilators, the average hospital size in Latin America, number of ventilators per 100,000 people in Latin America and more. Dr. Villaseñor discussed epidemic phases and their respective strategies and also outlined COVID-19 pandemic scenarios for LatAm that included future projections into October 2020. All of the panelists later tackled a series of tough questions from the audience, offering further insights.

The 2020 Consumer Services Forecast

Oct 31, 2019

LatAm consumer services outlook
Ricardo Alvarez, director of the consumer services/ecommerce practice at Americas Market Intelligence, looks at 2 key trends in marketing for brands targeting consumers in Latin America. This analysis especially on how marketers have moved from mass targeting to highly personalized individual targeting, and what this means for the market.

The 2020 Logistics Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

LatAm logistics sector outlook
Diego Rodriguez, leader of the logistics practice for AMI, examines 5 new trends that will impact logistics in Latin America in 2020 and how companies should prepare for them. He also answers audience questions about specific challenges with the logistics industry in LatAm.

The 2020 Major Markets Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

2020 outlook for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and other key markets
2020 outlook for Brazil Mexico Chile Colombia Peru Argentina, covering the key challenges facing each country and the sectors with the best growth potential for next year and beyond.

The 2020 Payments Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

2020 payments outlook for Latin America
Lindsay Lehr, director of AMI’s payments practice, covers 6 key trends to expect in the LatAm payments industry in 2020, along with other important industry developments. In addition, she fields audience questions about key concerns for payments professionals in Latin America in 2020 and beyond.

The 2020 Healthcare Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

2020 healthcare outlook for LatAm
Guillaume Corpart, director of AMI’s healthcare practice, shares the 2020 outlook for healthcare in Latin America. He covers 3 sweeping megatrends impacting the region and also shares case studies showing how medical device/equipment manufacturers were able to use market intelligence to drive their sales through a strategic approach to analytics.

The State of Innovation in Latin America

May 5, 2019

Results of a study examining the key characteristics of innovative companies in the payments sector of Latin America
In this webinar, Visa and Americas Market Intelligence discuss the results of a study looking at what defines innovation in the financial services sector in Latin America, particularly with banks, acquirers, marketplaces and start-ups.

Payments Disruption in Latin America

Jun 27, 2019

Technological shifts that are disrupting the payments sector in LatAm
This is the payments portion of the Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) June 2019 webinar on defending against disruption in Latin America. Presented by Lindsay Lehr, the payments practice director for AMI, the presentation focuses on key disruptive trends occurring in Latin American payments, including Banco Itaú’s new mobile payments app, called Iti, which distinguishes itself by being interoperable, offering real-time payments and working for both Itaú customers and non-Itaú customers. The presentation also focuses on the rise of real-time payments in Latin America, openness and a downward pressure on fees charged by banks.

El estado de los pagos sin contacto en Latinoamérica

July 12, 2018

El potencial de expansión de pagos sin contacto en Latinoamérica y los beneficios para empresas de servicios financieros y consumidores.
En este un video un grupo de panelistas —entre ellos Lindsay Lehr de Americas Market Intelligence, Rogerio Cazelato de Visa y Luis Chavarria de PriceSmart— discuten los retos de implementar los pagos sin contacto en Latinoamérica de diferentes perspectivas, entre ellas la de los emisores, la de los adquirentes, la de los comerciantes y la de consumidores. Chavarria comenta extensamente sobre la exitosa implementación de los pagos sin contacto por PriceSmart en Costa Rica y otros países de Centroamérica. Los panelistas también abordan varios otros temas relacionados con este nuevo medio de pago y su gran potencial para los bancos en Latinoamérica.