AMI experts conduct webinars about Latin America to offer insights to professionals and also as part of thought leadership initiatives for clients.

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Webinars are a helpful way for AMI practice leaders to synthesize their extensive market research and intelligence for Latin America with the presentation abilities derived from their work as speakers at events focused on Latin America. The webinars below offer LatAm market insights for payments, logistics, healthcare and consumer services, along with regional/market forecasts and analysis of disruption in Latin America, among other topics.

Latin America after the Quarantines: What Comes Next

April 16, 2020

A panel of experts looks at how Latin America’s economies can recover from the shutdown
It starts off with the current (as of April 15, 2020) epidemiological picture in Latin America as far as the coronavirus, where the pandemic is heading in major LatAm markets in terms of number of cases, projected dates for end of quarantines in different Latin American countries and the estimated cost (as of April 15, 2020) of COVID policies in key markets. It also looks at challenges with COVID-19 testing in Latin America, the effects of quarantining in Chile as an example, and the weighing of costs in human lives vs. economic costs: a major challenge facing Latin American policymakers. Then the webinar opens a panel discussion of Latin America’s post-coronavirus economic prospects, featuring leading experts such as Karen Poniacheck, director of Columbia Global Centers; Roberto Salinas, president of the Mexico Business Forum; Sergio Guzmán, director of Colombia Risk Analysis; John Welch, CEO of REM; and Ken Frankel, president of the Canadian Council of the Americas. Over the course of 1.5 hours the panel takes on a wide range of economic and business questions posed by John Price, Managing Director of Americas Market Intelligence and webinar moderator, as well as questions posted by an audience of more than 1,000 webinar attendees.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Latin America’s Healthcare System –Crisis Vs. Opportunity

April 9, 2020

Data on equipment levels in Latin American hospitals and analysis from industry professionals
In this webinar, Guillaume Corpart (director of AMI’s healthcare practice) and guest panelists Agustín Zabulanes (Mexico Country Director for Boston Scientific) and Dr. Benjamín Villaseñor (Innovation Director for Grupo Diagnóstico Médico Proa) offer data and analysis about Latin America’s ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges/opportunities presented by the crisis. Corpart breaks down key data about hospital infrastructure in Latin America in relation to coronavirus, including the number of ventilators, the average hospital size in Latin America, number of ventilators per 100,000 people in Latin America and more. Dr. Villaseñor discussed epidemic phases and their respective strategies and also outlined COVID-19 pandemic scenarios for LatAm that included future projections into October 2020. All of the panelists later tackled a series of tough questions from the audience, offering further insights.

The Impacts of COVID-19 on Logistics & Supply Chains in Latin America

April 2, 2020

Analysis and data for logistics industry professionals focused on the region
In this webinar, John Price (Managing Director of AMI), Diego Rodriguez (Logistics Practice Director for AMI) and guest panelists Jorge Bayona of Solistica, Alberto Mancillas from Rentacenter, Mexico and Gonzalo Begazo, cofounder of Chazki, discuss the effects of supply chain disruption on Latin America. Besides covering the global advance of COVID-19, the webinar delves into specific changes that will impact logistics in Latin America. The panelists also take on multiple audience questions to explore more specific challenges.

Gauging the Impact of Coronavirus on LatAm E-commerce

March 26, 2020

Highly useful data and analysis for financial services companies, e-commerce merchants, consumer brands and more.
In this webinar, John Price (Managing Director of AMI), Lindsay Lehr (Payments Practice Director for AMI), Diego Rodriguez (Logistics Practice Director for AMI) and guest panelist Jaqueline Bartzen (Head of Global Merchant Engagement for EBANX) look at how COVID-19 is affecting online shopping. The panelists offer a global perspective before working in specific shifts in LatAm e-commerce and logistics, and then handle an extensive round of questions from the 1,000+ attendees.

The 2020 Consumer Services Forecast

Oct 31, 2019

LatAm consumer services outlook
Ricardo Alvarez, director of the consumer services/ecommerce practice at Americas Market Intelligence, looks at 2 key trends in marketing for brands targeting consumers in Latin America. This analysis especially on how marketers have moved from mass targeting to highly personalized individual targeting, and what this means for the market.

The 2020 Logistics Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

LatAm logistics sector outlook
Diego Rodriguez, leader of the logistics practice for AMI, examines 5 new trends that will impact logistics in Latin America in 2020 and how companies should prepare for them. He also answers audience questions about specific challenges with the logistics industry in LatAm.

The 2020 Major Markets Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

2020 outlook for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and other key markets
2020 outlook for Brazil Mexico Chile Colombia Peru Argentina, covering the key challenges facing each country and the sectors with the best growth potential for next year and beyond.

The 2020 Payments Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

2020 payments outlook for Latin America
Lindsay Lehr, director of AMI’s payments practice, covers 6 key trends to expect in the LatAm payments industry in 2020, along with other important industry developments. In addition, she fields audience questions about key concerns for payments professionals in Latin America in 2020 and beyond.

The 2020 Regional Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

General outlook for 2020 for Latin America
Examines the challenges facing the region in terms of productivity, factors slowing down growth and potential bright spots for the region in 2020 and beyond.

The 2020 Healthcare Forecast for Latin America

Oct 31, 2019

2020 healthcare outlook for LatAm
Guillaume Corpart, director of AMI’s healthcare practice, shares the 2020 outlook for healthcare in Latin America. He covers 3 sweeping megatrends impacting the region and also shares case studies showing how medical device/equipment manufacturers were able to use market intelligence to drive their sales through a strategic approach to analytics.

Defending against Disruption in Latin America

Jun 20, 2019

The factors driving technological disruption in Latin America, the industries most vulnerable to disruptors and how companies can make strategic adjustments to avoid losing market share to competitors.

The State of Innovation in Latin America

May 5, 2019

Results of a study examining the key characteristics of innovative companies in the payments sector of Latin America
In this webinar, Visa and Americas Market Intelligence discuss the results of a study looking at what defines innovation in the financial services sector in Latin America, particularly with banks, acquirers, marketplaces and start-ups.

Payments Disruption in Latin America

Jun 27, 2019

Technological shifts that are disrupting the payments sector in LatAm
This is the payments portion of the Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) June 2019 webinar on defending against disruption in Latin America. Presented by Lindsay Lehr, the payments practice director for AMI, the presentation focuses on key disruptive trends occurring in Latin American payments, including Banco Itaú’s new mobile payments app, called Iti, which distinguishes itself by being interoperable, offering real-time payments and working for both Itaú customers and non-Itaú customers. The presentation also focuses on the rise of real-time payments in Latin America, openness and a downward pressure on fees charged by banks.

El estado de los pagos sin contacto en Latinoamérica

July 12, 2018

El potencial de expansión de pagos sin contacto en Latinoamérica y los beneficios para empresas de servicios financieros y consumidores.
En este un video un grupo de panelistas —entre ellos Lindsay Lehr de Americas Market Intelligence, Rogerio Cazelato de Visa y Luis Chavarria de PriceSmart— discuten los retos de implementar los pagos sin contacto en Latinoamérica de diferentes perspectivas, entre ellas la de los emisores, la de los adquirentes, la de los comerciantes y la de consumidores. Chavarria comenta extensamente sobre la exitosa implementación de los pagos sin contacto por PriceSmart en Costa Rica y otros países de Centroamérica. Los panelistas también abordan varios otros temas relacionados con este nuevo medio de pago y su gran potencial para los bancos en Latinoamérica.