Upcoming Horizontes Events

Maren Lau from Meta

Hyper growth, tumultuous times

A conversation with: Maren Lau, Regional Vice President, Latin America at Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)

Wednesday, September 28th
11:30 – 12:20 ET

Over the last 15 years, Maren Lau has advised and managed some of the fastest growing companies in Latin America. Since 2018, she has served as the regional head of Facebook (now known as Meta) from their offices in Sao Paulo. Her calm sense of command belies the fact that Ms. Lau has managed Meta’s 2nd largest global region through record expansion, a devastating pandemic, and a divisive political landscape where social media plays a growing role.

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John Price from AMI

Latin America 10 Year Outlook

An insightful and unconventional economic and socio-political forecast of our region by John Price, Managing Director of AMI and a 30-year veteran of LatAm market intelligence and consulting

Wednesday, October 12th
11:30 – 12:20 ET

It is strategic planning season, and time to gaze into the crystal ball and imagine where our region will be 10 years from now. We live in turbulent times today but must continue to make planning decisions that will determine our ability to compete 5, 10, 20 years from now. So, we encourage you to put aside the stresses of today and spend an hour hearing a different take on Latin America, which will cover what will really drive the future economic fortunes and business opportunities in the region. John Price has advised over 100 of the largest investors in Latin America and learned over three decades what drives the economic cycles in the region. His approach to forecasting is unconventional and compelling — he provides his forecasts to more than 25 conferences and events per year.

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Mauricio Ortiz from Boston Boston Scientific

Driving growth, avoiding potholes

A conversation with: Mauricio Ortiz, Regional President, Latin America at Boston Scientific

Wednesday, November 9th
11:30-12:20 ET

For the last thirty years, 24 of those at Boston Scientific, Mauricio Ortiz has managed teams of people in Latin America’s healthcare sector.  With each country presenting its own challenges in a market split between public and private sector buyers, constantly shifting regulations and barriers and ruthless competition, Latin America’s hospital and clinic market is no place for the faint of heart.  It takes disarming charm, a sense of humor and steely resolve to succeed, just the words one could use to describe Mauricio Ortiz, our guest.

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Dominique Virchaux, President, South America at Korn Ferry

How to climb the corporate ladder out of Latin America

A conversation with: Dominique Virchaux, President, South America at Korn Ferry

Wednesday, December 7th
11:30-12:20 ET

Latin America can represent compelling growth opportunities to executives yearning for challenge.  But the barriers to those who want to transition to another country, let alone another region of the world, or even global head office are formidable.  A successful career path out of the region requires a plan, self-discipline, relationship building, skills, great performance and plenty of chutzpah.  We will end the calendar year with a veteran and leader of Latin America’s burgeoning headhunting industry, a true gentleman who has advised thousands of senior executives across Latin America on their career paths.  Just the sort of insights you need ahead of your new year resolutions.

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Gold, community and politics – the profits and perils of mining in Latin America

A conversation with Kelvin Dushnisky, former CEO of both Barrick Gold and Anglogold Ashanti

Thursday, January 12th, 2023
11:30 – 12:20 ET

Over the last decade, Kelvin Dushnisky led not one but two of the largest gold companies in the world, with multi-billion dollar projects and operations across six countries in Latin America alone.  Some projects were wildly successful and others proved to be extremely challenging.  The difference between success and failure often had more to do about managing stakeholders than mining, from powerful politicians to local communities and everyone in between.  Reflecting on the region that shaped his career will make for a fascinating hour.

Come take part in a reflective conversation that will inform and instruct.