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Security: the unmeasured risk of Mexican nearshoring

Security: the unmeasured risk of Mexican nearshoring

With Chris Dalby, Director at World of Crime

Organized crime in Mexico today includes highly sophisticated groups who have effectively penetrated the supply chains of Mexico's burgeoning exports. They have extorted their way into ownership of the agri-food sector and they regularly hijack the trucking convoys of export manufacturers — more than 50 trucks per day on average. Site selection of new manufacturing plants in Mexico must now consider security of one of the key components of decision making. Chris Dalby, a veteran security journalist, has spent a decade studying the complex economic, political and social backdrops of organized criminal groups in Mexico and provides a stunningly frank assessment of the success of Mexico's OCGs and the inability of Mexican government, policing and judiciary to combat this scourge.


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Arthur Deakin, Energy Practice Leader at AMI

Latin America Stumbles towards Energy Transition

A conversation with Arthur Deakin, Energy Sector Practice Director at AMI

May 21, 2024

Renewable energy holds much hope for investors in Latin America. The region is endowed with some of best solar and wind energy generation assets in the world. Electricity demand is growing. The region’s private sector and voting public welcome energy transition. And yet, Latin American governments, despite their enthusiastic cheerleading for the idea, are the biggest obstacles to a successful and speedy transition. Arthur Deakin, AMI’s Energy Sector Practice Director will help unpack this complex story in a fascinating discussion.

David Price PriceSmart

Preserving family tradition while embracing disruptive change: the PriceSmart story

A conversation with David Price, Chief, Transformation Officer at PriceSmart

May 6, 2024

David Price leads the 3rd generation of a family that invented the membership warehouse club, PriceClub (now known as Costco). As Chief Transformation Officer, David helps lead the family’s foray into LAC markets, under the brand PriceSmart, first established in Panama in 1996 and now present in 13 countries. Balancing the lessons learned by family before him with the new challenges of e-commerce, global retailing and convenience chain competition, David Price must find a way to thrive in markets that also embrace the old and the new. After listening to David Price for an hour, you cannot help but be convinced of the firm’s inevitable continued success.

Jorge Noguera

De líder corporativo a miembro de la junta directiva: dando el salto

Una conversación con Jorge Noguera, asesor corporativo

Mayo 3, 2024

En 2021, en medio de COVID, Jorge Noguera se alejó de la cima de su carrera corporativa para perseguir sus aspiraciones de servir como miembro de la junta directiva y asesor corporativo. La transición ha sido exitosa pero también desafiante. Con Horizontes, Jorge comparte conocimientos invaluables con aquellos de nosotros que aspiramos a lograr un éxito similar en una carrera posterior a la jubilación.

Alejandro McCormack Abaco

The Life and Times of a Serial Fintech Entrepreneur

A Conversation with Alejandro McCormack, Co-founder at Ábaco Capital

April 18, 2024

Reading Alejandro McCormack’s CV will make your head spin. Since earning an Bachelor’s degree at UT Austin in 2013, Alejandro has earned two graduate degrees, worked for merchant banks in Boston and London and helped lead five different fintechs based in Europe and Central America. His enthusiasm is infectious and matched only by the hard earned wisdom of his reflections.

Diego Rodriguez AMI

The Good, Bad and Ugly with the 2024 Latin American Logistics Sector

A conversation with Diego Rodríguez, Logistics Practice Director at AMI

March 27, 2024

Diego Rodriguez leads the logistics practice at AMI. After a decade in that role, he has studied every major market and logistics segment in Latin America. Each year, he predicts the opportunities and risks ahead for the logistics industry operating in Latin America. Logistics is now recognized as a core function to any business in the region that relies on international customers and/or suppliers. Understanding the risks ahead for the logistics industry is therefore crucial to many.

Sam Logan Horizontes Website

Organized Criminal Groups in Latin America

A conversation with Samuel Logan, Partner at Southern Pulse

March 13, 2024

Sam Logan has spent three decades studying OCGs (Organized Criminal Groups) in Latin America in order to understand how they are structured, how they operate, how and why they expand, and how they differentiate themselves. His understanding of OCGs has led to some startling revelations of their immense reach, sophistication and business accumen. In some parts of the region, OCGs are a defacto local government, whereby private sector companies may have no choice but to cooperate with them.

Aurelio Oliveira Enel

Demystifying Energy Transition in Latin America

A conversation with Aurelio Oliveira, CEO at Enel Americas

March 4, 2024

Aurelio Oliveira leads the Latin American operations of the world’s largest private sector renewable energy producer, Enel. After a period of much hype and cheap capital poured into renewables, today’s surviving renewable players must balance the political pressures to transition with the commitment to shareholders to deliver returns. Enel understands that strategic challenge like few others.

Adam Blanco

Making Sense of Russia’s Global Strategy

A conversation with Adam Blanco, Managing Director at e8QTechnologies

February 21, 2024

Adam Blanco spent nearly two decades inside Russia working for the US State Department, US AID, Visa International and Russia’s leading auto importer. Since returning to the US, he has built a name for himself as very well informed Russia analyst, by leveraging an impressive array of Russia based intelligence sources. His insights into Russia’s mercurial leadership help Western audiences understand Russia’s global strategic objectives.

Philip Wilson Ecofiltro

Por qué el emprendimiento social es rentable y gratificante

Conversación con Philip Wilson, fundador de Ecofiltro y emprendedor social

Octubre 24, 2023

Después de 15 años de una exitosa carrera al frente de la agencia de marketing digital más grande de Guatemala, Philip Wilson quería más. Amaba su trabajo pero faltaba algo. Entonces decidió abordar uno de los problemas más importantes de Guatemala: la falta de agua potable. El diseño de filtro único de cerámica, aserrín y plata coloidal, un producto de ca. $30, filtra los desechos biológicos y químicos que se encuentran en el agua rural y urbana, lo que produce agua potable. Hoy en día, Ecofiltro se fabrica y vende en cuatro continentes, tal vez una de las empresas más globalizadas que jamás haya surgido en Centroamérica. Philip Wilson comparte sus secretos de éxito en una conversación fascinante.

The steady hand steering the Latin American vessel of Visa

A conversation with Eduardo Coello, Regional President, Latin America & the Caribbean, Visa

October 11, 2023

Eduardo Coello leads a large, complex and constantly evolving business – the Latin America and Caribbean division of Visa, the world’s 11th largest company. How did a mechanical engineer working in the factory operations of Proctor & Gamble end up running LAC for Visa? That is quite a story unto itself. Few industries are as transforming of or as transformed by our region, Latin America, quite like the payments sector. Latin America is often the laboratory of new payments products and solutions that are subsequently implemented across global emerging markets. Eduardo Coello of Visa tells us why.

Fernando Donayre, CEO, Inca Investments

Contrarian investing in Latin America

A conversation with Fernando Donayre, CEO, Inca Investments

September 8, 2023

Fernando Donayre runs a $600M Latin America equities fund that is unlike any in the industry. Not only does Inca Investments (his firm) enter and exit at times different from the rest of the herd, they also hold onto equities, on average, for 2-4 years versus closer to a 9 month average by competing firms. With industry beating returns logged consistently over two decades, there are lessons to be learned in Fernando’s contrarían investment approach. Whether you dabble in the market, work in finance or lead a LatAm business, you need to understand the logic and virtues of contrarían investing in the emerging market world’s most volatile region – Latin America.

Alberto Bernal, Jefe de mercados emergentes y estratega global, XP Investments

Las idiosincrasias de la economía latinoamericana

Una conversación con Alberto Bernal, Jefe de mercados emergentes y estratega global, XP Investments

1 de septiembre de 2023

Alberto Bernal ha llevado una distinguida carrera como uno de los analistas económicos más destacados de América Latina, trabajando en Bogotá, Miami, Nueva York y Londres. Su colorido enfoque narrativo para explicar los ritmos económicos únicos de América Latina lo convierte en una joya poco común: un economista comprensible y agradable de escuchar.

Dr. Evan Ellis

The Complex Web of China-Latin American Relations

An insightful conversation with Dr. R. Evan Ellis

July 16, 2023

Dr. Robert-Evan Ellis is the pre-eminent scholar on the subject of China-Latin American geo-political and commercial engagement. Over the last 15 years, Dr. Ellis has published five books and dozens of articles on the broad, complex and evolving relationship between China, its companies, its branches of government, its military, its intelligence services and its cultural diplomats and Latin America.

Matthew Griffin, founder, 311 Institute

How A 30-50 Year Forecast Shapes Your Business Decision-Making

A conversation with Matthew Griffin, founder, 311 Institute, aka “The fanatical futurist”

July 6, 2023

Matthew Griffin advises governments (US, UAE, UK) and global corporations (Samsung, Disney, UBS, Bloomberg, Assurant, Dentons, among others) on the future.  His job is to paint a picture, or series of scenarios of what his client’s jurisdiction or industry will look like 30 to 50 years from now.

How does he make such predictions?  To what purpose? And what might we expect in the years ahead?  These are questions that Matthew Griffin will help answer.

Roberto Salinas León, Mexico Business Forum

Mexico─Predicting the Future by Understanding the Recent Past

A conversation with Roberto Salinas León, Mexico Business Forum

June 20, 2023

Roberto Salinas has been a highly visible and influential analyst and commentator of Mexican politics and economy since the onset of the NAFTA in 1994.  So who better to turn to in order to understand the sudden rise of the Morena party and what lies ahead politically and economically for Mexico when AMLO’s six-year Presidential term ends as well as the risks facing investors today.

Julian Porras, Chief Executive, Latin America, Omnicom Media Group

The Rapid Evolution of Media, Advertising and Brand Management in Latin America

A conversation with Julian Porras, Chief Executive, Latin America, Omnicom Media Group

March 15, 2023

Omnicom Media Group may be the largest company that you’ve never heard of.  With $13bn in annual revenue and over 60,000 employees worldwide, OMG is a behemoth in the world of advertising, media buying and marketing.  Few industries have been disrupted more than media and very few executives have thrived throughout the tumult of disruption.  Julian Porras is one of the few, a veteran of Latin American marketing and advertising whose wisdom was built on the battlefield of volatile Latin American markets.

Guillermo Rishchynski

Taking the Long View with Latin America

A conversation with Guillermo Rishchynski, former ambassador to Brazil, Colombia and Mexico

February 22, 2023

Ambassador Guillermo Rishchynski recently capped a 37-year diplomatic career with ambassadorial posts in Brasilia, Bogotá, Mexico City and the UN (New York) before serving as Executive Director at the IDB in Washington.  Few can claim a career as widely or as deeply steeped in Latin America.

Embroiled as we are in the daily (and often damning) news cycle, it is rare and instructive, the opportunity to listen for 60 minutes to a regional veteran with a long view on Latin America.

Kelvin Dushnisky

Gold, community and politics – the profits and perils of mining in Latin America

A conversation with Kelvin Dushnisky, Former President, Barrick Gold

January 13, 2023

Capital-intensive projects in Latin America are inherently polemic. To come to fruition, these economically vital investments must overcome political interference, local community angst, competing economic interests, organized crime threats, environmental and indigenous rights activists, among other challenges. Kelvin Dushnisky has managed the above ground risks of some of the largest mines ever built in Latin America.  What he is at liberty to share is eye-opening and instructive.

Dominique Virchaux, President, South America at Korn Ferry

How to climb the corporate ladder up and out of Latin America

A conversation with Dominique Virchaux, President, South America at Korn Ferry

December 7, 2022

Dominique Virchaux has counselled hundreds of Latin American corporate leaders on their career path up and out of the Latin American region. His advice is invaluable to those who share such aspirations.

Mauricio Ortiz from Boston Boston Scientific

If You Seek Growth, Be Bold

A conversation with Mauricio Ortiz, Regional President, Latin America at Boston Scientific

November 9, 2022

Mauricio Ortiz has consistently achieved enviable profit growth for Boston Scientific, in a highly regulated industry (healthcare), in a region wrought with political interference and economic volatility.  How did he do it?  By being bold and nurturing a tight knit culture of managerial excellence.