The Road to Net Zero in Latin America

How investors, energy companies and suppliers can maximize opportunities while avoiding pitfalls in the region's top 6 markets

With a team of 400+ researchers and analysts on the ground, AMI has been providing clients with energy market intelligence for Latin America for over a decade.

As the region transitions into net zero, opportunities may appear bountiful – but energy stakeholders need to be aware of the changing market demands, the evolving regulatory dynamics, and the volatile political environment within the region.

The Road to Net Zero in Latin America

This whitepaper seeks to tackle these topics, starting with practical insights covering the main regional trends, such as:

  • Where traditional energy operators are most likely to lose money in Latin America
  • Of the 100+ renewable projects under construction in Latin America, which assets will offer the best risk-adjusted returns in the region
  • The energy subsegments that are most likely to experience politically motivated lawsuits and interference
  • How foreign companies can avoid the trap of systemic corruption and pick the right local partner in Latin America
  • The key risks being overlooked within the region’s green hydrogen development
  • The obstacles that companies and investors MUST overcome to increase renewable energy adoption in LatAm

From there, The Road to Net Zero in Latin America offers a thoroughly detailed market-by-market analysis that answers strategic concerns facing investors, energy companies and suppliers in LatAm’s top 6 markets, such as:

  • How the threat of falling natural gas resources can be a good investment opportunity in Colombia
  • The ways that the lawsuit against Iberdrola will impact other private operators in Mexico
  • How the shift away from renewable energy in Argentina has created opportunities in Vaca Muerta’s oil/gas fields
  • Why green hydrogen has massive potential in Chile
  • What President Castillo’s victory means for Peru’s energy sector
  • Which factors are driving the takeoff of biofuels and biomethane
  • How the war in Ukraine will impact Mexico’s energy sector in the rest of 2022 and into 2023
  • The impact of Petro in Colombia’s energy sector
  • Why Argentina’s impressive renewable resources are still NOT an appealing investment option… for now
  • How regulation is delaying the adoption of energy storage in Chile
  • How wind is the best NCRE opportunity in Peru

And much more—provided over the course of 80+ detailed pages featuring easy-to-follow infographics and data visualizations that help readers quickly grasp where they should focus their resources as Latin America advances on the road to net zero.

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