The 2024 Latin America Forecast

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In this detailed presentation, AMI’s leadership team offers a 2024 economic, business and political outlook for Latin America, as well as a sector-by-sector analysis of 5 major trends in the region to explain their impact as the rest of the 2020s unfold.

The 2024 Latin America Forecast begins with a data-driven overview of what to expect, including:

  • 2024 economic and business outlook and forecast for Brazil
  • 2024 economic and business outlook and forecast for Mexico
  • 2024 economic and business outlook and forecast for Argentina
  • Why LatAm populists are boxed in by the region’s surprisingly resilient institutions
  • How tamed inflation (inside Latin America) will sustain growth
  • Why pro-business politicians may prove victorious in major 2024 elections
  • The industries that will do well not only in 2024 but straight on to 2030
  • The industries in Latin America that are in danger because of disruption and larger societal or economic trends

From there, the 2024 Forecast highlights 5 major trends that could represent tectonic shifts for the region, with implications beyond 2024 and lasting until 2030, if not longer. These include:

  • Nearshoring: Which countries will benefit most from this trend and how 
  • Artificial intelligence: How it will impact LatAm sectors — for better and for worse
  • Gig employment: Why it’s a two-edged sword for the region
  • Increased regulation: The looming threat facing fintechs, ride sharing and other disruptive businesses
  • Climate change: The effect of new regulations and transitioning the energy grid

For the 5 trends, our analysis is more from an industry perspective, so we focus on how they could affect payments/banking/financial services, consumer retail, energy, mining, and logistics, among other key sectors in Latin America.

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