The state of CBDCs and their implications for the global payments industry

A detailed guide to how CBDCs work, how different regions are developing and testing them, and their likely impact on payments ecosystems

The spiking demand for digital payments—along with the cryptocurrency revolution and the aftereffects of the pandemic—has suddenly brought central bank digital currencies (CBDC) to the forefront.

In fact, 90% of the world’s central banks are studying the possibility of issuing CBDCs and more than 60% are already performing tests or proofs of concept.

This whitepaper was designed to help payments professionals understand the essentials of CBDCs and their potential to revolutionize payments not only for countries and companies, but also for individual users.

The state of CBDCs and their implications for the global payments industry

Organized in a simple, direct fashion to allow you to zero in what you need to know, along with a range of helpful graphics to highlight important data and processes, The state of CBDCs and their implications for the global payments industry features:

  • A clear explanation of retail vs. wholesale CBDCs, along who will access each type and how
  • A breakdown of indirect, direct and hybrid CBDCs: who issues them, operation roles, recordkeeping and more
  • Mapping of the central banks around the world and the level of CBDC project in different regions, such as pilots, development, and research
  • The possible impact of CBDCs on cross-border payments
  • How CBDCs may help foster financial inclusion
  • The implications of CBDCs for the operations of central banks, payment networks, commercial banks, non-bank service providers, technology service providers and other members of the payments ecosystem
  • 7 recommendations to help cards and payment networks navigate the implementation of CBDCs
  • 5 opportunities for banks and non-bank payment providers to leverage CBDCs

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