The 2022 Latin America Forecast

AMI’s senior leadership team offers a detailed 2022 outlook for Latin America.

In this presentation, AMI’s senior leadership team offers a detailed 2022 outlook for Latin America.

The team begins by examining the global drivers of growth and risk for Latin America, such as:

  • The global monetary expansion
  • The extent of China and US demand for LatAm exports in 2022
  • Projections for LAC export volume through 2023
  • Why there could be a new commodity super-cycle and the effect on Latin America

Then regional trends are explored, such as:

  • Why the world’s most COVID infected region (LatAm) will recover from the pandemic
  • Currency forecasts for key markets, such as Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, through 2024
  • Economic rebound prospects for 10 major markets in Latin America
  • A comparison of the fastest growing sectors post-COVID versus during the pandemic
  • How growing political risk in Latin America may complicate recovery

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The 2022 Latin America Forecast

Panelists also focus on projections for specific sectors, such as:

  • Five e-commerce predictions for Latin America, including the expansion of buy now, pay later, bank transfers, marketplaces and more
  • How the “platform economy” of banking-as-a-service, commerce platforms and financial superapps are set to take off in Latin America
  • Four predictions for Latin America’s logistics industry, including cross-border ecommerce, ocean cargo, air cargo and ground cargo projections
  • How the risk landscape is changing in Latin America’s mining sector
  • How the 1.5 Celsius climate control objective will affect LatAm’s energy sector going forward
  • Four projections for Latin America’s energy industry in 2022 and beyond
  • When surgical procedure volumes can return to pre-pandemic levels and its effect on medical equipment demand
  • Projections on demand areas in the medical equipment/device sector in LatAm hospitals

And much more.

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