The 2020 Forecast for Latin America

The 2020 outlook for the region and for specific markets like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Peru

This data and insight rich presentation from Americas Market Intelligence — the leading market intelligence firm for the region — is driven by 25+ years of studying Latin America and more than 3,000 completed market research studies covering a wide range of industries, including payments, logistics, healthcare and consumer services.

The 2020 Forecast is meant to serve as a resource to help Latin America teams focused on business intelligence, marketing, sales, strategic planning, consumer insights and more to understand the region going forward and plan more effectively.

Among the areas covered by the Forecast are:


  • Forecast of 2020 GDP growth for LatAm and how it compares to other emerging markets
  • Three factors that explain Latin America’s recent anemic growth
  • Breakdown by device: mobile purchases versus desktop
  • The challenges with productivity in LatAm and its drag on GDP growth
  • Six worrisome trends in the political realm that likely will hurt development


The Forecast also includes results from a recent survey of LatAm divisional presidents indicating:

  • They forecast solid growth for their LatAm divisions in 2019
  • They have surprisingly positive projections for 2020 growth
  • The five markets where they see the greatest expected growth in 2020
  • The top risks they expect to face in 2020


AMI’s 2020 Forecast will analyze the political and economic outlook of the six largest countries in Latin America. Highlights include:

  • The success of reforms in Brazil and two sectors that will attract higher foreign direct investment in 2020
  • 10 policy changes in Mexico that have begun to hurt the domestic economy while paradoxically, the country’s export economy booms
  • Despite the economic challenges facing Argentina, the one sector that promises to deliver strong results in 2020—along with the economic impact of a Peronist victory
  • Two promising sectors in Colombia’s 2020 economy, along with the political challenges ahead for the Duque administration
  • Upside and downside risks in Chile due to reforms, income inequality and fallout from the U.S.-China trade war


AMI industry practice leaders will forecast the biggest trends impacting their sectors in 2020:

Payments: Six market-altering trends in payments for 2020 with long-term implications for fintech and banks

Healthcare: Three megatrends that will shape healthcare policy and market realities in Latin America for the decade ahead, along with client case studies that demonstrate the power of market data when leveraged to expand sales.

Consumer services: How a move away from traditional mass marketing is changing the game for consumer services companies in the digital age—along with predictions on the next wave of app-driven business model disruption in Latin America.

Logistics: Five shifts in LatAm logistics that executives must factor into their planning as their clients demand faster service at lower costs.

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