The 2019 Forecast for Latin America

Data-rich analysis of what to expect in Latin America in 2019

This detailed presentation from the team at Americas Market Intelligence — the leading market intelligence firm for the region — combines market research and analysis for Latin America to make 2019 projections that include:


  • Forecast of 2019 GDP growth for LatAm and how it compares to other regions
  • The impact of the expected slowdown in the U.S. economy on Latin America
  • How the U.S.-China trade dispute will benefit specific markets in the region
  • The crucial role of competitiveness in improving FDI flow for LatAm markets


  • Whether voters are shifting left or right — or merely sick of the status quo
  • Caveats to consider in spite of rising business confidence
  • The 2019 outlook for Mexico and the anticipated approach of AMLO
  • If elected, how Bolsonaro will aid recovery in Brazil and the 2019 outlook
  • Whether Macri can survive the devastation of the Argentine peso and be re-elected
  • 2019 outlooks for Chile, Colombia and Peru


  • The shift in LatAm depending on demographics to depending on technology—most of which is imported
  • 6 major sectors in Latin America that will disrupted over the next decade


Industry experts will forecast the major trends that will surge in 2019 and affect areas such as:

Consumer and Retail




Mining and Infrastructure


Americas Market Intelligence

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