About Americas Market Intelligence (AMI)

With 25 years of experience handling more than 2,500 engagements in a wide range of industries, AMI is the leading market intelligence firm for Latin America. Its analysts specialize in providing clients with services for growth, risk management and performance improvement. These include competitive intelligence, consumer insights, risk assessment (political, economic, local community), market share, opportunity benchmarking, brand awareness and much more. Explore more at AMI’s website or at its industry analysis hub, AMI Perspectiva.

Americas Market Intelligence

The 2018 Forecast for Latin America

Data-rich analysis covering what’s ahead for Latin America in 2018

This presentation from Americas Market Intelligence — the leading market intelligence firm for the region — offers a 2018 outlook for Latin America that includes:

Business Climate

  • Divergent pricing trends in metals vs. energy
  • The United States: Anticipated federal policy, the strength of the dollar, the growth outlook, anticipated trade policies and impacts
  • China’s role in Latin America in 2018: its industry focus and its competitive impact
  • Political disenchantment in Latin America: what the rejection of the political establishment could lead to regionwide and in specific countries
  • Demographic shifts in LatAm and their impact on the consumer market and other sectors, such as healthcare

Economic Recovery

  • An analysis of GDP in the region, which countries are driving the growth and what’s behind the positive numbers, including 2018 outlooks for Brazil and Mexico
  • Key growth markets in Latin America that promise to further expand in 2018
  • 2018 forecasts for specific major markets in Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico

Deep Drilldowns into Key Sectors

Industry experts highlight dominant 2017 trends in different LatAm sectors and which issues they expect to dominate in 2018 with regards to:

  • Consumer and Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Payments
  • Logistics
  • Mining and Infrastructure