Ricardo ÁlvarezConsumer Services Senior Advisor

    Ricardo Álvarez serves as an external advisor, focusing on consumer services & e-commerce. A veteran researcher, Ricardo helps companies develop optimal marketing strategies, strengthen brands, improve customer experience (UX), accelerate product development and increase advertising effectiveness, among other client objectives.

    Ricardo led the Consumer Insights and Customer Experience function at Mastercard, Kodak and Unilever for Latin America. For over two decades, Ricardo has counseled businesses and brands as they grow in Latin America’s demanding marketplaces. Since 2012, most of his research and marketing advisory work has been spent in the digital world, the new battleground for consumer services.

    Ricardo brings a world-class knowledge of digital consumer research techniques to AMI, many of which are centered on understanding and improving the customer experience (UX). He employs the latest methods of observational research to help map the customer journey, online and offline, measuring customer reactions to the multiple touchpoints they have with our customer’s brands and the intersection of disruptive competitors.

    Few understand the power of disruptive technology better than Ricardo, who witnessed from the inside the collapse of Kodak due to digital photography. Working in the payments sector at Mastercard taught Ricardo, among many other things, how innovative success in one market (U.K., Australia, sub-Saharan Africa) is no guarantee of successful adoption in Latin America.

    The next frontier of Ricardo’s projects involves applying innovative methods including behavioral economics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to market research.

    Ricardo earned his MBA from Nova Southeastern University in Florida and his B. A. in Communications from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. He is fluent in Spanish and English, with a working knowledge of Portuguese.