Disruption in Mexico’s
Hospitality Industry

Where and why Airbnb is winning and how hotels can fight back

A consumer insights study from Americas Market Intelligence

Since 2014 Airbnb listings have doubled in emerging markets like Latin America. Currently the company has more than 400,000 listings in the region. Mexico is one of Airbnb’s strongest markets in LatAm, with a 53% increase in listings in 2018 alone. In fact, there are now more Airbnb listings than hotel rooms in Mexico.

Global and regional hotel chains are finally getting worried.

As a market intelligence company specialized in Latin America, we’ve been focused on disruption for quite some time. We were well aware of Airbnb’s growth, but we recently decided to dive more deeply into the consumer mindset to understand what’s driving Airbnb’s success.

Our study focused on Mexican travelers, exploring how they perceive the Airbnb experience and services versus those offered by hotels, and we discovered:

  • Airbnb is more effective than hotels at turning brand awareness into brand preference
  • The demographic group that Airbnb is next set to take from hotels
  • The lodging option that travelers prefer for both shorter and longer stays
  • The socioeconomic classes that prefer hotels to Airbnb and why
  • How ‘length of stay’ and ‘being on a business trip’ affect traveler choice of lodging
  • Five key areas in which Airbnb outperforms hotels
  • Five key areas in which hotels outperform Airbnb

And much more. Download this study to understand how hotels can strengthen their market position in Mexico versus Airbnb—and conversely, how Airbnb can continue to penetrate the Mexican market.

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