Partner with us to conduct conferences online while leveraging our speakers, data and analysis

Online Conferences and Webinars

Your company relies on seminars and conferences to engage with your most important external stakeholders including your B2B and B2C customers, your vendors, affiliates and shareholders.

But currently, quarantines and travel bans make it impossible to do so.

We can organize and host your own conference, helping you with:

  • Creating conference agendas and topics
  • Providing speakers from our team of experts
  • Allowing for virtual networking via chat
  • Promotion to attract both your team members and outside industry contacts

Your clients and strategic partners are all looking to your firm for information and guidance.  Now is an ideal time to win the confidence of your network by sharing your collective corporate knowledge and AMI’s industry knowledge in a thought provoking webinar that cements your status as an industry leader.

With a webinar option, we can:

  • Organize and host the event
  • Develop captivating thought leadership material
  • Assist in promoting the event to boost attendance
  • Contribute speakers from AMI and recruit additional presenters

Prices start at US$7,500.

Contact us to explore further how we can help you set up your next online conference or webinar.