Our market intelligence can help you avoid potential problems or directly defend your company’s reputation when under attack.

Avoiding Reputational Risk in Latin America

Thorough research to evaluate reputational risk in Latin America is generally a sound policy before investing in the region.

Aligning your business with an ill-reputed local partner can quickly stir up a storm of mala fama. To avoid this, Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) conducts reputational due diligence to help our clients assess the virtues of a new business partner, an acquisition or even greenfield investment. Given that political, economic or social circumstances can change very quickly in LatAm, our clients often prefer periodic reputational reviews to be conducted among stakeholders.

We also offer “first-responder” services for when reputations are attacked to quickly investigate the source and motivation for the attack. We work closely with our clients’ PR teams to supply timely and accurate intelligence to further defend its reputation.

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