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LatAm E-commerce Report, 2019-2023

Of all the different industrial sectors, e-commerce may be the one most heavily disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America. In 2002, when SARS erupted in China, consumers stayed home and ordered online for the first time. That helped catapult Alibaba and other e-commerce players into global dimensions.

Latin Americans may have stopped buying plane tickets online but hundreds of thousands are testing home-delivery of groceries and other staples for the first time, as they adapt to new social distancing rules that are closing stores and restaurants.

The LatAm E-commerce Report 2019-2023 is the first dataset to incorporate the impact of the coronavirus on customer purchasing behavior and the economic disruption underway in 2020.

Key Markets

The LatAm E-commerce Report 2019-2023 covers the region’s 11 e-commerce markets:

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

You can buy the data set for all 11 countries or purchase individual markets, as needed.

What´s in the LATAM E-Commerce Report 2019-2023

  • Volume of the country’s 2019 e-commerce market in USD
  • Projections for 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 factoring in the effect of COVID-19, demand drivers in each market, payment method expansion and more
  • Breakdown and projections by merchant vertical: retail, travel and digital products and services
  • Breakdown and projections by device: mobile purchases versus desktop
  • Breakdown and projections by cross-border purchases versus domestic
  • Breakdown and projections by payment method, i.e. internationally-enabled credit card, domestic-only credit card, debit card, cash vouchers, e-wallets, COD and more

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Variable, according to client needs. Please contact us and indicate your markets of interest.

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