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LatAm E-commerce Datapack, 2020-2024

The coronavirus pandemic clearly produced a boom in Latin American e-commerce during 2020, and this will continue: AMI projects that e-commerce in Latin America will exceed USD$270 billion in 2021. In all likelihood, this boom won’t be a simple fad: AMI forecasts that e-commerce will make up 14% of total retail spend in Latin America, more than double its share in 2019.

The benefits of the boom extend beyond large e-tailers as Latin American SMBs have moved into online selling to make up for revenue lost as lockdowns were extended. For companies seeking to maximize the opportunities from this major shift in consumer behavior, data is crucial. This is why we developed this unique dataset.

The LatAm E-commerce Datapack 2020-2024 uses transactional data and other sources to reflect actual consumer behavior, as opposed to survey data, which is likely to be less accurate. This dataset also incorporates digital goods, a rapidly growing sector often overlooked by e-commerce reports, while also breaking down domestic vs. cross-border transactions in different markets, which allows companies that are expanding to LatAm to gauge their growth potential.

Key Markets

The LatAm E-commerce Datapack 2020-2024 covers 11 key e-commerce markets in the region:

Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic.

You can buy the data set for all 11 countries or purchase individual markets, as needed.

What´s in the LATAM E-Commerce Datapack 2020-2024

  • Volume of each country’s 2019 and 2020 e-commerce markets in USD
  • Projections of volume for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024, factoring in the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, demand drivers in each market, payment method expansions and more
  • Breakdown and projections by merchant vertical: retail, travel and digital products and services
  • Breakdown and projections by device: mobile purchases versus desktop
  • Breakdown and projections by cross-border purchases versus domestic
  • Breakdown and projections by payment method, i.e. internationally-enabled credit card, domestic-only credit card, debit card, cash vouchers, e-wallets, COD and more


For each country, the LatAm Ecommerce Datapack 2020-2024 is USD$2,500.

The price for the LatAm E-commerce Datapack 2020-2024 for all 11 countries is USD$20,000.

Customized bundling is also available, according to client needs. Please contact us and indicate your markets of interest.

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