We can craft a customized study to address your strategic crypto concerns or train your team to quickly get up to speed in this area.

Cryptocurrency Market Research for Latin America

Once seen as a highly risky and speculative investment, cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream, particularly in markets like Latin America, where consumers are interested in this alternative payment method not only for investment, but also to protect against drastic inflation and reducing bank fees, among other purposes.

While some banks and financial services companies understand cryptocurrency very well, others are still learning. AMI can help these companies in a number of ways.

LatAm Crypto Market Research Approaches and Options

We craft our research studies according to client needs, using desk research (including on-chain crypto data and exchange volume data), online surveys (to gauge adoption, customer attitudes toward crypto in your market of choice, etc.) and in-depth interviews (of crypto ecosystem developers and executives).

We apply these approaches with a variety of study types, such as:

  • Market landscaping
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Consumer/end user research
  • Market sizing

And much more.

Corporate Crypto Training

Some companies don’t need an in-depth study of what to expect with the cryptocurrency market in Latin America or a detailed analysis of the key issues surrounding crypto, such as the ones outline above.

In those cases, companies may need to quickly understand what crypto is, how it works and what it means for their respective businesses.

That’s why we created Corporate Crypto Training, with 3 modules lasting 75 minutes each.

  • Module 1: Blockchain technology and the future of money, including understanding blockchains, mining and validation, benefits/risks of stablecoins and implementation scenarios for central bank digital currencies
  • Module 2: Crypto disruption in the payments ecosystem, which covers crypto remittances, dedicated cross-border blockchains, Facebook’s Novi, crypto-linked cards, Visa USDC, Mastercard’s Crypto-as-a-service and more
  • Module 3: Cryptocurrency in Latin America, which includes survey data of LatAm consumer cryptocurrency usage, competition in the region’s cryptocurrency market and regulatory dynamics for crypto in LAC and more

All of these modules can be customized according to your needs and training can be provided in English or Spanish.

Crypto Strategy Workshop

Consisting of two sessions lasting two hours each, this workshop allows companies to:

  • Understand your competition from the crypto space
  • Brainstorm crypto products and integrations for your organization
  • Identify potential collaborators for your crypto initiatives
  • Develop crypto action items and determine success criteria

Available in English and Spanish, the Crypto Strategy Workshop allows your company to get the answers to crucial questions, such as:

  • What crypto integrations are my competitors planning?
  • Which emerging crypto players/products might become new competition?
  • What are the potential benefits and risks of currently available crypto products/integrations?
  • Develop crypto action items and determine success criteria
  • Should these crypto integrations/products be developed in-house or with a partner?
  • What action items are needed to execute your crypto initiative?

We can also customize the Crypto Strategy Workshop to take on more strategic questions that your company may have.

Crypto Thought Leadership

If your company already possesses deep knowledge of cryptocurrency in Latin America but you don’t have the bandwidth or time to create your content, our team can help you showcase this knowledge by developing the following thought leadership products for you:

  • Content for blogs/newsletters
  • Industry whitepapers
  • Webinars/speaking engagements
  • Presentation decks
  • Forum/discussion moderation

With AMI’s expert track record in content development, you can offer guidance to the industry, establish your company as trusted voice and partner for the digital currency era and further deepen your overall brand equity.

Ignacio Carballo


Ignacio E. Carballo

Crypto & Alternative Finance lead

With over ten years working in Alternative Finance and Financial Technology (Fintech) for Development, Ignacio is a recognized LAC Crypto, Fintech & Financial Inclusion thought leader, author and public speaker. Author of several academic research articles, lecturer and international columnist. He was selected as Top-50 Global Influencer by Onalytica “Who’s Who in Fintech” report, and he hosts the BITSO Podcast “Criptonomista” (main crypto exchange of Latinamerica). He also founded the alternative finance blog Cimientos Econonicos (

At AMI, Ignacio oversees market intelligence projects in crypto and alternative finance in LatAm and at a global level. Along with his role at AMI, Ignacio is researcher and professor in different universities on Latinamerica and Europe. He directs the Fintech and Digital Banking Ecosystem for Latam — a group of executive programs revolving around fintech that include blockchain and cryptocurrency — at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).

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