Combine our expert analysis and experience with your regional team’s talents to help you rewrite
your 2020/21 business plans.

Everything has changed.

Practically all of the business and sales plans created before the COVID-19 crisis hit are of little value to companies today. This crisis will provoke more than just a slowdown. It will reshape your industry as customer behavior changes, the regularly environment evolves and the competitive landscape upends.

Companies must quickly reformulate their plans and do so while their key people are — at best —  stranded in different countries, or worse, in their own homes. AMI can help your team re-write their business plans for 2020 and 2021 by leveraging both AMI’s and your firm’s industry knowledge and contacts. Then AMI can build consensus support for the new plans among your team through a ½ day online conference, curated and moderated by our Practice leaders. Our support includes the following steps:

  • We’ll begin by talking with those in charge of your planning efforts to establish which plans need altering, by when and what are the missing pieces.


  • Then, we will go find the missing intelligence: by surveying customers, talking to competitors, interviewing regulators and associations, and by harnessing the contacts and knowledge of your own people. We have the tools and the network to get this done quickly.


  • Next, we work hand-in-hand with your senior team to put together viable and sensible new plans. Ideally, said plans do not simply call for scaling back by X % your revenue and cost thresholds. Instead, your new plans ought to reposition your company, your products, your pricing, your service level, and the channels through which you sell to both navigate this crisis and adapt to permanent market changes it may provoke.


  • Once new plans are scripted, AMI can help marshal your LatAm team behind the plan by organizing and curating a half to full day planning seminar where the plan and the rationale behind it are put to the team, their feedback is fielded and teams are formed among them to implement the new business plans.

Pricing starts at $20,000.