COVID Consumer Snapshots capture the changing marketplace so you can make faster pivots and find new opportunities

COVID-19 Consumer and Industry Studies for Latin America

It’s no revelation that coronavirus has changed just about everything, just about everywhere.

The problem for most companies is keeping up with COVID’s blistering pace of change. Conventional market research can take weeks or months to produce results, but such a lag can send your company’s marketing decisions down an outdated path.

That’s why AMI developed COVID Consumer Snapshot Studies. We employ innovative methodologies and execution to quickly reach consumers and understand their attitudes, fears, concerns and shopping habits. In fact, in less than 10 days we produced an in-depth analysis of nearly 2,100 consumers in 3 key Latam markets that could be helpful to a range of customers targeting the surging online shopper segment.

Beyond just a study, we can also drive forward your thought leadership. For some clients, we have conducted studies and then put together customized infographic reports to be shared online. This allows brands to stay top-of-mind with their clients and drive new business.

Finally, our COVID Consumer Snapshots Studies are not just of consumer segments.

We’re also tailoring them to answer specific questions facing B2B industries such as payments, healthcare, logistics and more. This allows executives to have on-the-spot market intelligence to make quick, tough decisions — a capability that COVID-19 has made more crucial than ever.