Free and paid services to help your company navigate the effects of coronavirus on your industry in Latin America.

Make wise business decisions in the face of uncertainty

COVID-19 will disrupt your business, your industry, the economy and the health sector.  Your 2020/21 business plans are no longer valid.

Before your business can grow, it needs to recalibrate its plans based upon different assumptions and servicing rapidly changing customer needs.  Your industry’s competitive landscape could radically restructure based upon how your industry peers react to this crisis.  Regulators may very well change how business is conducted for your company.

In a such an uncertain environment, market intelligence and smart strategic planning are more valued than ever.

To help your organization navigate the Coronavirus economic crisis in Latin America, AMI offers you the following free and paid services.

Complimentary offerings

AMI Coronavirus Webinars

AMI will host the following webinars related to the COVID-19 crisis in Latin America. Registration and participation are free. If you register, you will receive a recording of the webinar once completed, in case you cannot listen into the live event.

The Impact of Coronavirus on E-Commerce in Latin America

AMI practice leaders and industry panelist(s) will discuss the dramatic shifts in customer behavior that will reshape e-commerce demand in the immediate, medium and long term in Latin America. Forecasting analysis will look at the core components of e-commerce, all trending in divergent ways: airline tickets and hotel reservations, domestic physical e-commerce purchases, cross-border physical e-commerce sales, digital product sales (e.g. Netflix), domestic services (e.g. Rappi delivery).

When: Thursday, March 26th ǀ 12:30 P.M EST ǀ 9:30 AM PST

The Impact of Coronavirus on Trade in Latin America

AMI practice leaders and industry panelists will discuss the likely impact on trade volumes in Latin America in 2020 due to both demand and supply shocks felt inside the region and by Latin America’s largest trade partners around the world. The discussion will additionally explore future changes to global supply chains that the COVID-19 could provoke.

When: Thursday, April 2 ǀ 12:30 P.M EST ǀ 9:30 AM PST

The Impact of Coronavirus on Latin America’s Healthcare System – Crisis Vs Opportunity

AMI’s healthcare affiliate, GHI, led by its principal, Guillaume Corpart, will convene a discussion with Latin American healthcare experts of both the level of preparedness in major markets and the imminent demand for healthcare equipment and devices emerging from this crisis.

When: Thursday, April 9 ǀ 12:30 P.M EST ǀ 9:30 AM PST

Latin America’s Economic Prospects Post-Quarantine

This webinar will be led by John Price, AMI Managing Director, along with a distinguished panel that includes Roberto Salinas of the Mexico Business Forum, Karen Poniachik of the Columbia Global Centers, Sergio Guzmán of Colombia Risk Analysis, Ken Frankel of the Canadian Council of the Americas and John Welch of Research for Emerging Markets.
The focus will be on the prospects for Latin America’s economic recovery after the COVID-19 shutdown, discussing the fiscal measures employed by governments, whether exports will drive the recovery (as in years past), the kind of recovery we can expect (V-shaped or otherwise), the industries to be most profoundly restructured post coronavirus and much more.

When: Thursday, April 16 ǀ 12:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

Telemedicine in Latin America: Gauging Its Potential During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

In this webinar, expert panelists look at the penetration of telemedicine in Latin America, the different applications of it, the typical organization of hubs and spokes, the challenges to expansion in the region, the catalysts that could drive its expansion and much more. Panelists included FIU professor Dr. Cynthia LeRouge, a leading telemedicine expert, and Gustavo Menéndez, Managing Director of Digital Transformation and Telemedicine for Cisco, a leader in implementing telemedicine system in hospitals around Latin America. The lead speaker for GHI was Guillaume Corpart, CEO and founder, and the webinar was moderated by Mariana Romero Roy, Director of Business Development and Intelligence for GHI.

When: Thursday, April 23 ǀ 12:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

Will Coronavirus Finally Digitize Payments in Latin America?

In this webinar presentation from Americas Market Intelligence, panelists that include Lindsay Lehr (Director of the Payments Practice at Americas Market Intelligence), Mónica Mariño (Head of Payments at Rappi) and Marina Gil (Brazil Payments Affiliate for Americas Market Intelligence) look at recent shifts in payments due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Topics include recent e-commerce sales increases in Latin America, the benefits of digitizing e-commerce payments in Latin America, Brazil’s coronavoucher program and more.

When: Thursday, April 30 ǀ 12:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

Mining after COVID 19: A Webinar on Rebuilding Sustainable Operations

In this webinar, a group of expert panelists comment on 7 important risks for the social license of miners operating in Latin American jurisdictions in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, factoring in the effects. Moderated by Dr. Remi Piet, director of the Natural Resources Practice for AMI, the webinar covered macroeconomic pressure, local community risks, political interference, regulatory risk, security risks, infrastructure/labor risks, and reputational risks.

When: Thursday, May 7 ǀ 12:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

The Political Fallout from COVID-19 in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia

In this webinar, the company’s Managing Director, John Price, was joined by a panel of experts to discuss the difficult political challenges facing governments in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia due to the COVID-19 crisis, the ensuing lockdown and mapping out a strategy to re-open. The webinar opens with a detailed look at the impact of COVID-19, including cases and deaths. It also covers the challenges with testing and the importance of understanding the data that’s been obtained. Chile is analyzed as a case study in terms of managing the COVID-19 pandemia, along with a look at cost of quarantines in different Latin American countries. The panel then delves deeply into the coronavirus response in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia, along with the internal conflicts and what to expect as the crisis continues to unfold.

When: Thursday, May 21 ǀ 12:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

The Adoption and Penetration of High-Tech Medical Equipment in Latin America

In this webinar organized by Global Health Intelligence, panelists — including GHI CEO Guillaume Corpart, Matthew Collins of Medtronic and Vanessa Teich of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein — discuss the factors that drive hospitals in Latin America to acquire high-tech medical equipment, ranging from ultrasound machines and C-Arms to linear accelerators, gamma cameras and lithotripter machines. Using data from GHI’s HospiScope database, Corpart shows the crucial characteristics of hospitals that acquire high-tech equipment, including a breakdown of penetration of different equipment types in the region. He also shares a unique predictive model called TechTier, which uses statistical modeling to indicate the types of equipment that Latin American hospitals in different tiers are likely to have. Medtronic Marketing Manager Matthew Collins covered the two keys to successful technology adoption by hospitals and highlighted some of the best practices to produce optimal results in this area. For her part, Vanessa Teich highlighted factors in acquisition, the challenges to doing so and approaches to facilitate. In addition, GHI unveiled a list of the tech leaders among Latin American hospitals: the institutions that possess the most cutting-edge medical equipment based on data tracked in HospiScope. To wrap up, panelists answered a wide range of questions from the audience.

When: Wednesday, June 10 ǀ 1:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

The New COVID Consumer in Latin America

In this webinar from Americas Market Intelligence, the companies share the results from a recent study of more than 2,000 consumers in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Conducted in a little over a week, this study not only offers marketing professionals insights into Latin American consumer behavior during the COVID-19 crisis, it highlights how experienced researchers can produce quick yet insightful studies to help companies understand rapid changes in the market, given the continual developments in the COVID-19 crisis. Approaches like the one behind The New COVID Consumer in Latin America will be crucial in helping companies adjust and fine-tune their messaging and tactics as needed, while also uncovering new opportunities with their customer base.

When: Thursday, June 25 ǀ 12:30 P.M ET ǀ 9:30 AM PT

AMI Strategic Phone Consultation (free for existing or past clients of AMI)

Companies must quickly re-calibrate their 2020/2021 business plans and re-think their go-to-market strategies. Spending one hour on the phone with our senior Practice Leaders will provide you with an objective and informed perspective built upon two decades of experience in your sector in Latin America. We will both answer some of your questions and pose important new questions to consider as you re-set your regional strategy.

Weekly Coffee Chats (sector-specific conference calls to stay informed)

Quarantined as we are for the immediate future, we will be without the aid of conferences and seminars and yes, the office water cooler or expresso machine to maintain our network and keep ourselves informed. AMI is pleased to host weekly sector-specific Zoom conference calls to bring us all together in an informal but moderated discussion of what comes next in our industries.

Paid Engagements

Paid Engagements

AMI Strategic Phone Consultation

Companies must quickly re-calibrate their 2020/2021 business plans and re-think their go-to-market strategies. Spending one hour on the phone with our senior Practice Leaders will provide you with an objective and informed perspective built upon two decades of experience in your sector in Latin America. We will both answer some of your questions and pose important new questions to consider as you re-set your regional strategy.

Re-Calibrating 2020/21 Business Plans

Most strategic, business and sales plans composed before the COVID-19 crisis hit are no longer of much value to companies. Companies must quickly reformulate their plans and do so while their key people are, at best stranded in different countries, or worse, in their own homes. AMI can help by reaching out to our market contacts and leveraging the knowledge of your staff to gather missing intel on changes to customer behavior, competitor plans, and pending regulations.  Then we can organize and moderate a half to full-day (even longer if necessary) online planning exercise with your senior staff.  Our industry experience and growing understanding of the economic fall-out of this crisis will lend invaluable objectivity to help unite your far-flung regional managers behind an achievable plan that keeps your operations moving forward and your team motivated.

AMI-Organized Webinar for Your Clients and Partners

Your company relies on seminars and conferences to engage with your most important external stakeholders including your B2B and B2C customers, your vendors, affiliates and shareholders. Travel bans and quarantines stifle your ability to engage with your network. AMI can organize and host an online event, bringing curated content and even our industry networks to your outreach efforts. Such an event places your brand at the forefront of thought leadership and industry collaboration at this critical time.

Tailored Monitoring of Your Industry Trends, Leading Competitors and Regulations

The next six to twelve months will bring unprecedented change to Latin American economies and regulations, your industry structure and your competitive environment. Your marketing, sales, finance and product development functions will all need continuous assessments of the market and both the risks and opportunities that rapid market change provokes. AMI can tailor a monitoring program specifically for your company’s needs and create daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports for your senior managers. We’ve been doing it for years but now our clients need it more than ever.

LATAM E-Commerce Report 2019-2023

E-commerce may prove to be the most heavily disrupted industry by the COVID-19. In 2002, when SARS erupted in China, consumers stayed home and ordered on-line for the first time. That helped catapult Alibaba and other e-commerce players into global dimensions. Latin Americans may have stopped buying plane tickets online but hundreds of thousands are testing home-delivery of groceries and other staples for the first time, as they adapt to new social distancing rules that are closing stores and restaurants. AMI’s e-commerce forecasts are the first to incorporate the impact of the Coronavirus on customer purchasing behavior and the economic disruption underway in 2020.

COVID Consumer Snapshot Studies

Coronavirus has impacted Latin America powerfully — and changed just about everything. Companies need to stay on top of rapidly changing consumer attitudes and market conditions. That’s why we developed innovative methodologies to produce studies quickly, allowing companies to react faster than ever before based on up-to-the-minute results.

COVID Cost-Cutting Strategies

Given the crisis produced by the pandemic, many companies find themselves having to reduce costs. But they may not have to shrink their companies with morale-killing approaches like reducing headcount or slashing salaries. Discover how our market intelligence can help you reduce costs and grow your company at the same time.

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