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For the leadership of AMI, this is our 6th economic crisis since the Tequila Crisis of 1995 in Mexico. Through the lens of our clients, we have witnessed the many successes and failures of firms who navigated these crises. One of the most striking takeaways is that companies that only look inwards when cutting costs fail to reposition themselves for the post-crisis reality.

The most successful companies we’ve seen move beyond the balance sheet to strategically adjust their practices and approaches, thinking short-, middle- and long-term.

And we have helped them achieve this with tightly focused market intelligence to help companies with:


#1 Reading the Market
Our decades of experience in competitive pricing and partner research means we can give you the edge to re-negotiate contracts with suppliers and find the best new partners in emerging online sales channels or other areas.


#2 Reading the Customer
We can give you up-to-the-minute consumer snapshots and longer-term research to identify which products services and channels require more investment because of increasing customer demand—and which ones to abandon.


#3 Reading Your Rivals
We can study the best (and worst) practices of your competitors and relevant players in parallel industries. With these insights, you can make smarter cost cutting decisions with fewer painful lessons.


#4 Reading the Rules
Between COVID-19 and market recession, the regulatory picture will change. Our intelligence get you in front of shifting regulations so you can adjust your product portfolio and go-to-market strategy now before the new rules are enforced.


#5 Reading the Trends
Nearly 30 years of Latin American economic forecasting helps us advise you on how to remain strongest in the healthiest markets.