Your competitors journeyed through the market before you. What did they do well and where did they fail? Understanding their history will help forge your future.

Best Practices Research for Latin America

Climbing the learning curves of operating in a challenging market like LatAm can be accelerated if you know where your competitors failed—as well as how they succeeded.

Most companies blunder in Latin America because they import a business model that worked elsewhere. But Latin America is unique, an unpredictable regulatory environment, a competitive landscape full of unscrupulous players, and a consumer who faces a unique set of financing, logistical and other challenges.

The smartest money spent on pre-launch research is studying competitors, especially local companies who may operate under a very different model than global firms. AMI develops detailed case studies of the competition based upon discreet interviews with former employees who can speak freely of the unique operations they left behind at their former employers. Having conducted more than 1,000 competitive intelligence assignments, our senior consultants have witnessed hundreds of best and worst practice examples that arm us with valuable insights for our clients.

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