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Understanding the E-Commerce COVID Consumer in Latin America

While the current e-commerce boom in Latin America is undoubtedly beneficial to both merchants and financial services companies, a deeper understanding will help these companies keep the boom going even after the COVID-19 crisis passes.

Understanding the E-Commerce COVID Consumer in Latin America

This concise infographic-style report drills down to the key data points you need for current and future planning, such as:

  • Which e-commerce sector will drop the most in 2020—and when can we expect to see it come back
  • 2 key growth areas for e-commerce in Latin America that companies should take advantage of
  • How many new online shoppers will Latin America gain in 2020
  • The 4 key growth areas in LatAm e-commerce between now and 2023
  • Which 4 consumer needs must companies fill in order to expand their businesses beyond 2020

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