AMI can help your company develop opportunities from LatAm’s rising rates of crypto adoption while also educating your leadership teams about this new payment and monetary revolution.

Cryptocurrency Surges in Latin America

Recent research from AMI has shown that 1 of 3 Latin Americans are interested in buying crypto assets. While it may seem like a passing fad, Latin Americans have very practical reasons for adopting cryptocurrency beyond just seeking a new form of investment. They also want to protect themselves against inflation, avoid government controls, gain access to stablecoins and obtain lower fees from the banks.

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How We Can Help You

AMI’s crypto team helps clients answer questions about a range of issues regarding cryptocurrency and digital assets in Latin America. We do this with detailed, customized research covering:

Crypto payment and custody
Help and advice on exchange partnerships, wallets, and cryptocurrency storage

Legal & Regulatory
Understanding laws and regulations surrounding crypto in specific LatAm countries

Analysis of cost and feasibility for potential mining projects, as well as optimization of existing operations

NFTs, Art and Gaming
How to design projects and develop both strategy and marketing for NFT projects

Remittances and Cross-Border payments
Assistance and direction on how cryptocurrency affects these monetary flows and unlocks its potential opportunities

Stablecoins and CBDCs
Regulatory support and tokenomics of stablecoin insurance

Tokenization and Tokenomics
Business tokenization, fundraising and token development and launches

Web3, DAOs and DeFi
Understanding decentralized organizations — including decentralized finance protocols and wallets— and the creators’ economy

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Visiting our crypto services page will help you understand more about how we can tailor a study to answer the strategic questions your company has about crypto in Latin America—or we can train your team via 3 highly detailed modules or an intensive crypto strategy workshop.

Ignacio Carballo


Ignacio E. Carballo

Crypto & Alternative Finance lead

With over ten years working in Alternative Finance and Financial Technology (Fintech) for Development, Ignacio is a recognized LAC Crypto, Fintech & Financial Inclusion thought leader, author and public speaker. Author of several academic research articles, lecturer and international columnist. He was selected as Top-50 Global Influencer by Onalytica “Who’s Who in Fintech” report, and he hosts the BITSO Podcast “Criptonomista” (main crypto exchange of Latinamerica). He also founded the alternative finance blog Cimientos Econonicos (

At AMI, Ignacio oversees market intelligence projects in crypto and alternative finance in LatAm and at a global level. Along with his role at AMI, Ignacio is researcher and professor in different universities on Latinamerica and Europe. He directs the Fintech and Digital Banking Ecosystem for Latam — a group of executive programs revolving around fintech that include blockchain and cryptocurrency — at the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA).

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