The Times of India’s digital newspaper has shown some results of a recent AMI survey about crypto adoption in Latin America, specifically some key data about Argentina’s crypto market and consumer trends.

Here is a brief excerpt of the piece published by this Indian newspaper:

Americas Market Intelligence’s study highlighted increased adoption of cryptocurrencies in Argentina with 12 out of 100 adults having invested in crypto. The survey was undertaken last year by polling 400 different users via smartphone.

Argentinians are extremely interested in cryptocurrencies which is evident in the following facts:

    • More than 1 in 10 Argentinians have made some kind of crypto investment.
    • In addition, 18 percent of the people surveyed said to have an interest in buying cryptocurrencies in the future. Of these, 54 percent stated that protecting their savings was an important benefit of cryptocurrencies.
    • The crypto adoption in Argentina is below 16 percent, but it is quite high in comparison to other Latin American countries. In Brazil, the crypto adoption is 7 percent, while in Mexico it is 6 percent.
    • Argentina’s adoption rate is also higher than the average crypto adoption rate of Latin America which is 8 percent.

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