Oil Now is a Resource Center focused on the oil market in LatAm and Guayana. In a recent coverage, they cited AMI analysis Latin America Energy Sector 2022: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, by Arthur Deakin, co-director of AMI’s energy practice. Specifically, Oil Now’s article focused on how Guayana could benefit most from rising oil prices in Latin America.

Below we show an excerpt of the piece:

The firm [AMI] adjudged that the overall impact of higher energy prices will be negative for Argentina and Dominican Republic, and very negative for Chile and Peru. For five other countries – Mexico, Suriname, Ecuador, Venezuela and Panama – an assessment of the risks and benefits sees them getting a neutral rating. For Colombia and Costa Rica, they will see an overall positive impact, while Guyana and Brazil will see overall very positive impacts, according to the AMI assessment.

This is driven in Guyana by two offshore projects with combined nameplates of 340,000 barrels of oil per day.

The firm projected significant benefit for Guyana in the form of increased royalties. AMI also weighed the impact of crude oil and natural gas liquids imports and exports and has Guyana coming out on top in this regard.

We invite you to read the whole article, which can be found here.