Miami, July 1, 2020—Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has published a new study entitled The New COVID Consumer in Latin America which details the attitudes, behaviors and purchase intentions of e-commerce consumers in three Latin American markets: Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. Conducted in the first week of June 2020, this study of more than 2,000 LatAm consumers identifies 5 key segments that have emerged in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis:

  • Retreaters (reduced their online purchases)
  • Maintainers (have not changed their online purchasing habits)
  • Adapters (are purchasing slightly more online)
  • Disruptors (are purchasing significantly more online)
  • Newbies (recently made online purchases for the first time)

“Over 500 million consumers in Latin American and Caribbean markets have found themselves under quarantine for three months. Over one-third lost their jobs. Isolated, scared but resolute, Latin Americans have been forced to change how they consume, where they consume, and what they consume. Their priorities and loyalties are changing. This is a pivotal moment not to be missed by marketers,” explains John Price, Managing Director of AMI. “This study is part of a new service we developed that’s called COVID Consumer Snapshot Studies. We use innovative methodologies to quickly map out and execute studies within 2 weeks or less, allowing companies to adjust their plans and tactics as needed — or identify new opportunities,” says Price. “Speed is essential in the time of COVID, and companies that can’t pivot quickly will be left behind.”

Key results from The New COVID Consumer in Latin America include:

  • 43% of Latin American consumers are purchasing more online
  • 12% are purchasing online for the first time
  • Of consumers purchasing significantly more online, 54% are women
  • Up to 52% of respondents reported gaining weight and nearly half reported sleeping worse during the crisis
  • Insurance, exercise and connectivity are top-of-mind priorities for consumer’s next purchase.

More detailed study results can be found on AMI’s website.

Companies can also explore how they can work with AMI to order their own COVID Consumer Snapshot Studies, not only for the consumer market but also for B2B industries such as payments, healthcare, logistics and more.



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